Water Fasting: How the 8-Day Water Cleanse Works and What It Does

Drink water during detoxification and weight loss. With an 8-day water cleanse, you can give your body a healthy new start. Here you can learn how fast water works and what you should consider.

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It cleans drinking water

By doing a water cleanse you can relax your body and rid it of toxins. Your body’s natural balance is restored.

It is not a diet that will lose weight in the long run. Even if you lose a lot of weight at first, you will gain it back after the fast. You should see a juice fast as the starting point for healthy weight loss that will help you lose weight permanently.

This is how the juice fast begins

First find the right time to do the juice fast. If you don’t mind drinking only liquids for a certain amount of time in your daily life and at work, then start.

If that bothers you, it’s best to wait until a long weekend passes. However, you should not plan an extra vacation for this.

8 days of water fasting: This is the process

There’s more to it than drinking water fasts. First you need a rest day, then the actual fast takes place over five days. After this comes two days of assembly. You should plan a total of eight days. Once you have your headphones on, let’s get started.

Day one: Relax your body

On the first day you should get rid of your previous eating habits and relax your gastrointestinal tract. it is important that you continue for the next five days.

You prepare your body with certain nutrients. Mentally, you have to give each other up. This is the only way you will spend eight days well.

In the morning you drink a glass of pickle juice. It cleans your bowels. Then you do an exercise unit of your choice. Then you eat breakfast in the form of muesli.

At lunch time you prepare a plate of raw vegetables. Peppercorns provide you with vitamin C, cucumber slices bring fluids to the body. But you can also use other vegetables.

Dinner consists of sour bread, which you cover with slices of tomato and cucumber. You can also eat some fruits. It is better to cut it into large pieces and sprinkle some flax seeds on top. They are again intended for good digestion.

Day Two: The milk fast begins

You start the day again with a glass of sour water. Tip: Do not inhale the bottle. Just put it on your lips and drink it.

Throughout the day you drink a glass of vegetable juice for breakfast, lunch, coffee time and dinner. It should consist of several types of vegetables. You can buy it ready or make it yourself using juice.

In between, you can drink fresh water and unsweetened herbal teas. Also, remember to exercise.

Note: You may be less focused today than in the past, this is completely normal and should not worry you.

Day three: start slow

There is power in rest, especially when fasting with milk. Anxiety and stress are not good, so you have chosen a good time. This day also starts with sour water.

Today you drink 4 glasses of milk again during the day. It is said that the juice of the plants consists of artichoke, nettle and dill. If you want, you can drink carrot juice for dinner.

Drink water and unsweetened tea between meals. You will see from your digestion that something is happening. You are well-mannered and well-mannered.

Don’t forget your sport. But it can also be replaced by a long walk.

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Day four: Stop

After the pickle juice you can weigh yourself today. Depending on the initial weight, if you persevere and don’t eat anything else, you will achieve success.

You carry this motivation with you throughout the day. Today I have 4 glasses of vegetable cider plus water and herbal tea.

Today can be difficult. Your body starts to feel like it’s getting nothing but water. As a result, you may feel cold or have a strange taste in your mouth.

During the day, move slowly and get plenty of fresh air.

Day five: Almost there

It starts again with pickle water and ends in shark water four times a day. If you’ve already made other varieties, switch to celery, spinach, and kale today.

Or you drink fruit juice. It is better to make juice of oranges, green apples, pineapples, lemons and blueberries.

Study tip: Make your own juice – How to juice your own fruits and vegetables

The feeling of hunger will end today. When you are thirsty, you skip the liquid meals and drink water or tea as usual.

If you notice that you are getting frustrated or your mood swings back and forth, find a quiet corner where you can relax with a good book and a nice cup of herbal tea.

A unit of movement also gives you something else to think about and provides extra oxygen to the body. You will probably feel better after that.

Day six: done

In the end there is nothing but milk, water and tea for another day. Because you know that you will succeed soon, you can easily spend this day.

Take it easy, move around a lot and don’t expect too much. If you have consciously chosen a juice fast, you will enjoy the juices like food and find the food of your colleagues and relatives almost abstract.

Seventh day: You fast

You did it, congratulations!

Today there is no drinking water, but also no whole food. You should carefully open your gastrointestinal tract with solid food.

Start the day with a fruit of your choice. Eat an apple or a banana. That’s enough to get you started. It is better to walk around a lot in the morning in the fresh air.

For lunch you make a light vegetable soup. You will find that this is enough for you and you are no longer hungry. After lunch you drink tea or if you like you treat yourself to coffee first. It also becomes a biscuit.

Study tip: With this recipe you get wonderfully creamy soups

In the evening, you make your dinner of sour bread and top it with slices of vegetables. If you want, you can also make a micro hair.

Eat slowly and carefully. Stop eating when you feel a little full. Your body is telling you it’s enough.

Day eight: Build yourself up

Today it’s all about rebuilding lost muscle mass. Choose an exercise of your choice. However, strength exercises should be included.

Muesli with fresh fruit is ideal for breakfast. At lunch you should focus on carbohydrates. How about potatoes, a herb quark and some veggie chips?

This will re-energize you and keep you going until the evening. Dinner can again consist of sourdough bread. Make sure some chickpeas and vegetables are still standing.

This is how it goes

The juice fast is over and you’re back on solid food with your two days of recovery. Now approach your normal eating habits very slowly, but don’t rush into anything.

Book tip: The juice fast book – 100 healthy and delicious juice recipes. With juice/soup therapy for weight loss.

You will notice that you have much less need for stimulants. Take advantage of the feeling and do not drink alcohol or eat sweets for a long time.

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