Use apple juice: How to use it

If you want to use apple juice, you have many uses. We give you tips and tell you an easy recipe for vegan apple juice pudding.

If you’ve ever brought an apple to a cider factory, you probably know this – it can do more apple juice I expected you to leave. Depending on the manufacturing process, it has a shorter or longer shelf life. It is often difficult to drink all the apple juice in time. It would be a shame if you throw it away. You may also be in the situation where you received apple juice as a gift and really don’t like drinking it straight. But there are many good ideas on how to use apple juice.

When you buy apple juice or other ingredients, be as careful as possible organic– How This way you avoid chemical-synthetic residues pesticides and supports one organic farming.

Use apple juice: advice

Apple juice is especially suitable as an ingredient for cakes and tarts.
Apple juice is especially suitable as an ingredient for cakes and tarts.
(Image: CC0/Pixabay/aidaha)

There are several ways you can use apple juice in the Utopia recipe collection:

  • In the article Apple Jelly: Easy DIY Recipe you can skip steps one to six. From step seven you can start making a delicious spread from your apple juice.
  • In the cold season, a freshly made apple pie is a great alternative to mulled wine. For example, try this non-alcoholic apple punch recipe outside
  • Also a special drink for cold days: glow gin.
  • You can also use some of your apple juice in smoothies, such as smoothies Celery Smoothie or a winter one Beetroot smoothie. With apple juice as a soft base, you can create a variety of variations yourself.
  • Even if you can’t use large amounts of it, cooking with apple juice is definitely worth a try. For example, for this vegan recipe you need apple juice: Sugar Free Strawberry Cake: So easy and delicious. You use apple juice here as an alternative to refined sugar.
  • A big surprise for the kids: homemade gummy bears. You can use any fruit juice for this treatment. You can use leftover apple juice to make apple flavored bears.

Recipe for using apple juice: apple juice pudding

Apple Juice Pudding is a quick, vegan dessert.
Apple Juice Pudding is a quick, vegan dessert.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Alla_777)

Apple juice pudding is a light and quick dessert that is unsalted milk passes This means that the dessert contains less fat and is good for vegans. You can enjoy apple juice pudding hot or cold and make the kids happy too.

Donation: You can easily make the pudding powder for the recipe yourself. This saves you money and packaging waste.

Vegan apple juice pudding

  • Preparation: about 20 minutes
  • How many: 2 parts