Stefan Hinner from the flower show: These flowers taste especially good

In autumn, flowers are simply part of Ludwigsburg. Hokkaido and Butternut are already known. However, in the floral baroque, lesser-known types of flowers are also transformed into delicious dishes.

Ludwigsburg. I say “puppy” – and you say? I DON’T? What comes to your mind first? I’ll tell you what I think: Blüba! That’s why it was immediately clear who I was asking for pumpkin recipes. Because the flower show is now about colorful vegetables. Flower gastronomy with head chef Paulo Silva Basto includes all kinds of dishes – from fries and curry to sweet waffles.

Stefan Hinner works at Juckerfarm in Switzerland and is, among other things, responsible for the pumpkin exhibition in Ludwigsburg. He is a big fan. “Every time I go, I look for dolls,” she says. Many flowers are eaten, especially in Asia, where green ones are especially popular. In Germany, many people believe that green pumpkins are immature. “We have to teach people that the sand doesn’t have to be orange,” he says.

Flower seeds come from Asia

To prove that different colored pumpkins are also delicious, he and Paulo Silva Basto have selected several recipes for the site. The main role is played by four varieties that are still unknown as Hokkaido and Butternut and that can be bought at Blüba. The seeds come from Asia. Fruits are grown in the region.

Best of all, the flower can be stored for a very long time. According to Hinner, Tetsukabuto is green until at least May. He advises: Buy pumpkins now and store them later. “Vegetables are really expensive in the winter,” he suspects. Because the energy crisis will definitely affect the greenhouses of southern countries.

There is a recipe for every taste

You can serve the cake in any style. Children at a Halloween party don’t even realize they’re eating vegetables when there are pumpkins. And at the next big party, instead of roast goose, instead of a stuffed banana goose? For true Swabians, courgette salad provides a change from the classic potato dish.

With a large selection of recipes, fall can come. You say “pumpkin” – and I mean it? Very tasty!

The Bungkan Squash

This flower is a new variety in Blooming Baroque, it actually grows in Thailand. But in the meantime it is warm enough in southern Germany that this flower flourishes even in our latitudes. Its taste is similar to lentil, so it is also called bee pumpkin.

Recipe: Swabian Pumpkin Salad


1 squash bungkan

2 onions

300 ml of vegetables or meat

4 tablespoons of vinegar

4 tablespoons of oil


For the dressing, chop the onions and mix them with spices, vinegar and oil.

Steam or boil the squash. Depending on the size of the pot, this may take a different amount of time. When the squash is done, use it to test. Then let it cool and then cut it into pieces. Drain the cloth.

Green Banana Squash

“Green Banana” lives up to its name as a tall, green plant. It’s not the prettiest flower, but it’s convincing when cooked. The sweet taste is reminiscent of potatoes or mushrooms. Green banana seeds come from Japan.

Recipe: Stuffed pumpkin


1 Green Banana Squash


Vegetables of your choice (eg carrots, peppers and broccoli)


Cut the squash in half and remove the seeds.

Chop the vegetables and cook them with rice.

Fill the pumpkin halves with rice and vegetables and bake in the oven at medium temperature (about 150 to 160 degrees). Depending on the size, it will take about 20 minutes.


The pot is also stuffed with minced meat or baked with cheese.

White Hokkaido

This white Hokkaido is known as “White Marble”. The pumpkin can be bought for the first time in the pumpkin exhibition, otherwise you will not see it. The seed comes from Taiwan. Cauliflower has a high starch content, which makes it easy to cook without falling apart. You can save it until Christmas.

Recipe: Pumpkin Nuggets


1 white Hokkaido

oil for frying


Quarter or eighth the florets and scoop out the seeds. Then clean and cut large pieces.

Heat the oil in a pan or frying pan.

The oil should not be heated, otherwise the pumpkin pieces will brown quickly. Bake for about five minutes until golden brown.

The flower of Tetsukabuto

Camp squash, French fried squash – this vegetable goes by many names. Tetsukabuto comes from Japanese and means iron helmet. It owes its name to its very tough exterior. But this is also its strength: Because the Tetsukabuto flower can be stored for a very long time. According to Stefan Hinner, it will definitely last until May.

Tip: What to do with the storage flower

The Tetsukabuto flower can be stored for a very long time. Paulo Silva Basto, the cook of the exhibition of pumpkins, gives some tips for cooking with camp pumpkins: In the blooming baroque, pumpkin fritters are made from tetsukabuto. Thread the balls and fry them in oil.

For the photo, Paulo Silva Basto used flowers as bowls and served spaghetti with tomato sauce. Paulo Silva Basto, who comes from Portugal and has been the chef of the pumpkin gastronomy for three years, says: “You can also fill it with pumpkin soup.” It is better to cut the flower in half and cook it lightly. Then pour the cauliflower soup.

Tetsukabuto is also good as a stew flower. It is boiled like a potato and cleaned with herbal curds.

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