Spaghetti: The Only Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Food means culture in Italy, it is celebrated as a ritual. It’s never just a side issue, you’re never shoveling noodles into your stomach just to get full. At all! That’s what Italian is for cena (Dinner) from a series of menu items: Start a antipasto (food), followed by that primo plattowhich is usually a pasta or rice dish, second plate – Meat or fish with vegetables or salad, with a sweet dolce, as the name suggests coffeeis an Italian espresso.

In Italy it is not difficult to find a good trattoria or restaurant. You should only follow the Italians who leave the area around 8 or 9pm. But what is it really like in Germany? We’re going to tell you eight tricks you can use to tell if an Italian is worth a visit or if you should give up on it. Some tricks and rules are of course intended for a glance. But remember the sentence: “Ne si fa!” You don’t do that! It is very popular in Italy.

Eight tricks to find a good Italian

Tip 1: Order simple dishes like spaghetti aglio and olio. Success depends on the best ingredients.

Trick 2: On insalata capresei.e. mozzarella and tomato salad, with only olive oil and salt – never balsamic vinegar.

Tip 3: The antipasti should not be too sour, otherwise the natural taste of the vegetables will be covered.

Tip 4: Parmesan cheese should never be on a pasta dish with fish. You don’t do that!

Tip 5: Scaloppine, the Italian schnitzel, is thin and made from beef.

Tip 6: Pineapple, lamb, beans or corn do not belong in a good pizza.

Tip 7: Homemade wine should taste good and not be expensive.

Chapter 8: Rule #1: Cappuccino is breakfast. After the meal, espresso is drunk.

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