Sloe jelly and elderberry juice: herbalist Margret Lücke advises – Pilsach

– Waters and marmalades made from autumn fruits: Herbalist Margret Lücke will explain how this works on Sunday, September 18, during a BUND walk around Dietkirchen. An appointment was made for September 25 and brought forward.

Apparently, the bushes and shrubs are not so bad in this dry summer: as you walk, fruits and vegetables shine all around you.

On the guided tour of BUND Naturschutz with herbalist Margret Lücke on Sunday, September 18, you can learn how delicious and healthy juices, juices and jellies can be prepared from sloes, raspberries, mountain ash and rose hips. The meeting is at 15.30 in the parking lot behind the church in Dietkirchen.

The “superfood” fennel seeds.

The visit was originally scheduled for September 25, but due to scheduling reasons it had to be moved forward. There are practical tips for another “superfood” in autumn, winter and spring: fennel seeds, which are still very easy to harvest.

At the end of the short trip of about three hours, there are recipes and small samples on an organic farm under the shade of big trees. The participation fee is 10 euros.

Tips for winter

The Bund Naturschutz also offers guided tours later in the fall. On October 16 at 14.30 at Hauptstraße 36 in Seligenporten (parking lot at the cemetery) the guided tour with herb teacher Christine Garibasch starts from “wildwerds”. She has tips on how seeds, roots, berries, herbs and tree needles can enrich the winter months, both in the herbal kitchen and in the medicine chest.

Here too, after about two and a half hours, there are finally samples on freshly baked bread, along with a script with plant portraits and recipes (via email). In addition, an immune-boosting herbal tonic is prepared according to the instructions. The participation fee is 15 euros, registration at

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