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It doesn’t always have to be cauliflower soup. We give you the most popular types of flowers and great recipes.

Pumpkin can be used in many different ways in the kitchen. Try our recipes and enjoy the pumpkin season.

Hokkaido squash, the most popular type

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angle of view / B. Rainer | B. Rainer

Its skin is bright orange and can be cooked and eaten. Hokkaido pumpkin is one of the most popular types of pumpkin. to be The meat is firm and low in fiber. Hokkaido flower Its taste is very aromatic and slightly nutty and is suitable for kundir cream soup, stove flower and pumpkin pie.

Colorful patterns, Carnival flower

Colorful and beautiful: Carnival flower (Photo: photo-composite services / report, Zoonar | Furn)

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Zoonar | oven

This flower is a real eye-catcher and is great as a decoration. But you can eat it too. If your fridge is empty, you can cook a delicious meal. The variety is great full flower.

UFO – or squash patisson

UFO pump (Image: photo-composite/reporting services, dpa | Holger Hollemann)

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dpa | Holger Holleman

The taste reminds me of pumpkins Artichoke flavor. The smaller the flower, the stronger the flavor. It is important to note that the flowers do not last as long as other varieties. So you should Mix quickly and store in a cool, dark place.

Butternut squash: lots of pulp, few seeds

Butternut Squash (Image credit: photo/reporting services, Zoonar | Furn)

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Zoonar | oven

A dollop of pear butter. Its skin is light beige to brown. The special thing about the variety is the flowers a lot of pulp there is and just a few kernels. It is suitable because of its sharp spicy smell bake in the oven, for purees and soups.

Bischofsm├╝tze, meat soups

This flower got its name from its appearance: it is called bishop's palm.  (Image: photo-composite/reporting services, Zoonar | Manfred Ruckszio)

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Zoonar | Manfred Ruckszio

The name of this flower comes from its appearance: it is called a bishop, cardinal flower or turban. Because of him flour consistency the flower is very suitable good for soups. But you can do it too Bake, bake, stir-fry or bake in a pan.

Spaghetti Squash, a carb alternative

Spaghetti squash is visually similar to long noodles.  (Photo: IMAGO, Panthermedia)



The flower owes its name light yellow flesh. If you bake it in the oven and open the flesh, it looks like spaghetti. So if you want to avoid carbs but love spaghetti, this dish is just for you. The taste of pumpkin is similar to zucchini. flower it stays well even at room temperaturein the refrigerator for several weeks.

Nutmeg flower, fragrant and spicy

Nutmeg flower (Image: photo-composite / report services, dpa / dpa-Zentralbild | Soeren Stache)

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dpa/dpa central image | Soren Stache

The nutmeg’s flower shines from green, orange to beige. It is salty, spicy and aromatic The taste is slightly sour with a slight note of nutmeg. If you add lentils to the food, you can make it taste even stronger. A dog with ribs is very suitable for sweets, for baking, for soups and stews.

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