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Fresh juices and juices are popular because of their many vitamins. How good are the different juries?

by Benjamin Cordes

The device is available in different versions – from the simple print to the electric model. Which juice is best depends primarily on which fruit or vegetable. The tools are available in these versions, for example:

  • citrus prints
  • centrifugal juicer
  • slowjuicer
  • steam water

Markt tested a citrus press, a centrifugal plant and a slow plant.

citrus prints

Citrus press are electric or manual. Halved citrus fruits are drawn on a cone in a rotating motion. The cores are closed with a light medium.

interest: Very simple operation, low price, mostly unobtrusive.

Against: Only suitable for citrus fruits, not all attachments for large fruits.

practice test: The traditional citrus press is very suitable for citrus juice such as orange juice.

centrifugal juicer

Centrifugal juicers use a type of grater to finely chop fruits and vegetables. The milk is ejected at very high speeds. So we’re not talking about “watering down” here. Suitable for all “salty” fruits and vegetables, less so for starchy ones like bananas. Citrus fruits need to be cleaned. The composition of the liquid is thin, foam is often formed.

interest: Very versatile and fast.

Against: Relatively complicated cleaning.

practice test: Centrifugal water was popular due to its particularly high speed, large opening and short preparation time. Orange juice, on the other hand, was not convincing with its light and foamy consistency. The opening of the apple juice was big enough for the apple, and the testers liked the apple juice very much. The carrot juice was also very good. The machine was topped with fibrous kale.


Slowjuicers juice fruits and vegetables at a slow rate, similar to a meat grinder. So the milk is actually pressed mechanically.

advantages: Great versatility, especially suitable for leafy crops such as wheat grass, cabbage and olives.

Disadvantages: Depending on the device, fruits and vegetables must be cut beforehand. Citrus fruits need to be cleaned. But expensive.

practice test: The sound was comparatively quiet and the power of the machine convincing. The door to put the fruit and vegetables was a little small, so the apples had to be cut into holes. The consistency of the juice was very good for the orange juice, very thin for the apple juice, slightly thick for the carrot juice and very fine for the kale. The high yield was also convincing.

steam water

Steam vents are made up of different levels that are stacked on top of each other. Hot steam rises in them and produces fruit. As a result, they lose water, which collects in a collection container that can be drained.

interest: The fruit hardly needs preparation.

Against: Milk is no longer “raw” and loses valuable ingredients.

practice test: The market has not yet tested any steam structures.

Fresh water is very healthy

Slowjuicers are often advertised as healthier because they don’t heat up when pressed and more ingredients are preserved. Prof. Ralf Schweiggert of the Institute for Beverage Research at the University of Geisenheim considers this unlikely, as other devices do not heat the drinking water as much.

The fiber content also does not depend on the type of device, but on the individual model. The more pureed the salt is, the more dietary fiber it contains – in the form of non-digestible (“clean”, “back”) cell wall components.

A little bit of lemon juice helps keep the water from oxidizing. It preserves not only its color, but also healthy ingredients. “Lemon wine contains a lot of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which preserves the mentioned substances very effectively”: The technology of oyster juice used is not important, explains Schweiggert.

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