Pear juice test: mix pureed pear with apple punch

Ten ava in comparison

Persimmons are not only delicious as a fruit, but they are also made into juice. There is also Williams Christ pure pear juice for carnivores. In our test, we reveal which tree juice tastes the best – and which is still not the winner of the test. A well-known brand backs the test field. Quality rating: enough.

This is what Stiftung Warentest offers the pear juice test

  • test results. In the table you will find the values ​​for four pearl juices, including one organic juice, and six blended apple and pear juices. In addition to Aldi and Rewe brands, we have also selected brands such as Amecke, Becker’s Bester, Pfanner and Voelkel. Test quality measures from good to fair, prices vary from 1.18 to 5.25 euros per liter.
  • Shopping advice and background. You will find out which apple juice and berries are good and cheap. And we explain why pear juice is usually sweeter than apple juice, even though it no longer contains the sugar of the fruit itself.
  • Journal article as PDF. If you open the topic, you will access the test report from the 4/2022 test.

Elderberry juice in the test
Test results for 10 pear juices

Pear juice stands out in terms of taste

In the test, most of the fresh water is cloudy, only one is clear. Most have a strong pear or apple aroma and taste. Two are not convincing in tasting: their fruit note is less strong than the others. Pear juice stands out from the bone: it has an aromatic, complex and intense aroma and taste. Unfortunately, it fails at another checkpoint and thus loses a good mark.

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Labeling ruins good grades

Due to poor labelling, some beverages only perform satisfactorily at the declaration control point. The disadvantages of labeling are many. For example, we lost the information on the packaging of two drinks that explained the proven vitamin C content in each case. Apple and pear juice contain a little more vitamin C than the fruit itself. It is often added to them, mostly as an antioxidant ascorbic acid.

Lots of sugar from fruit

In the test, seven out of ten juices are too sweet. At ten percent, the sugar content is as high as apple juice or cola. The sweetness comes only from the fruit, we didn’t find any foreign sugar. In addition, the sugar content speaks against drinking pear juice as a thirst. A homemade spritzer made from one part tap water to three parts water is best. Finished apple spritzers have more sugar.

Want a change?

Stiftung Warentest also tested smoothies: Six products were convincing. If you like heat, you can use ginger shots: In our test, we also look at how healthy combinations of water with ginger are.

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