Only the cloud is “good”: These apple juices are convincing in the Stiftung Warentest

If you want to drink quality apple juice, you don’t need to spend more than one euro per liter. If it tastes really good, the price sometimes goes up several times.

This is the central result of a new apple juice test by Stiftung Warentest (“test”, number 3/22).

26 products were consumed and analyzed, including 16 non-cloudy-from-concentrate water and 10 water from concentrate. The bottom line was that only six received a “good” rating – all natural juices.

In the overall assessment, the apple juice from the concentrate was the best “satisfying”. However, three natural cloud waters received “adequate” or “poor” grades, including two products with the organic seal.

However, the tests did not classify any water in the field as harmful to health. They also found no mold patulin toxin in any of the products, unlike tests in 2009 and 2004.

The best taste is not necessarily the best price, the best quality

The testers described the best taste of natural organic cloud water from Van Nahmen (grade: 2.3). At 3.95 euros per liter, it is also the most expensive in the test.

However, two cheap non-concentrate waters from Lidl (EUR 0.99) and Wesergold (EUR 0.96) received a slightly better overall rating (grade: 2.2). They improved, especially in terms of chemical quality.

This also applies to Edeka straight apple juice (0.99 EUR), which was also rated 2.2.

And why is cloudy water better now? Because it contains more polyphenols – secondary plant substances.

Research by the Max Rubner Institute – the Federal Research Institute for Food and Nutrition – showed that natural cloud apple juice can prevent early forms of colon cancer.

Additionally, according to tests, straight apple juice has a slightly better ecological footprint than juice made from concentrate. However, only if the apples produced come from a German farm.

Laboratory analysis confirmed that the marks of origin on the test candidate package were correct.

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