Mother’s Day Breakfast: Vegan and with lots of love

You can show your love and respect on Mother’s Day with a Mother’s Day breakfast. Here you will find delicious recipes for a delicious vegan breakfast.

According to the Federal Office of Civil Education, unpaid work such as raising children, buying pets, cooking and cleaning are still largely done by women in German households. Most women also have jobs – and suffer from a difficult dual burden.

You can show your appreciation to your mother with a Mother’s Day breakfast at home. In our collection of recipes you will find a lot of inspiration for a rich and special breakfast. Important: Take care not only of preparing the meals but also of buying the ingredients and then cleaning the kitchen again.

The Mother’s Day Breakfast is a great gesture that can be extended: support your mother in other everyday tasks – not just on Mother’s Day. If you want to educate yourself further in this area, you will find recommendations in another article Movies and series about feminism and sexism.

Vegan Mom’s Breakfast: Focus on the outdoors

To make your mother especially happy, you can focus on decorating the table together for breakfast.

Before you put together your Mother’s Day breakfast menu, think about how you want to set the table. Do you want a particular color to dominate, perhaps your mother’s favorite color? What table decorations do you have that might match? you have an intention persistent flowers for Mother’s Day.

If your mother cares about this, decide on a color scheme in advance and take this into account when preparing fresh water, liquids or bowls, for example. Of course, a colorful Mother’s Day breakfast can look interesting too!

Depending on what you choose, you may be able to enjoy Mother’s Day breakfast as breakfast breakfast in bed designed to give your mom a particularly relaxing start to the day.

Coffee and cocoa: classic or creative

The Saturday Mother's breakfast should not lack delicious drinks.
The Saturday Mother’s breakfast should not lack delicious drinks.
(Image: CC0/Pixabay/AnnieStratt)

The Mother’s Day breakfast includes delicious drinks. Think about what your mother likes the most: Does she prefer coffee, hot chocolate or tea? Here are some instructions on how to do it classic breakfast drinks (vegan) prepared:

Maybe your mom likes surprises or once mentioned that she is one of the following recipes trending or products I want to try:

Even if it gets hot on Mother’s Day cold coffee drinks for Mother’s Day breakfast:

For example, ours are especially suitable if you want to have a relaxing chat with your mom while you get ready. Slow coffee recipes. Also, one of the Slow Coffee machines can be a the perfect gift for Mother’s Day floor

Fresh water as a vitamin-rich supplement

Vegetable or fruit juices are healthy, delicious and will decorate the breakfast table on Mother's Day.
Vegetable or fruit juices are healthy, delicious and will decorate the breakfast table on Mother’s Day.

Juice from the supermarket usually contains more sugar than fruit and sometimes leaves a lot to be desired in terms of taste. Delight your mother with freshly squeezed juice ACE juiceespecially vitamin-rich Sea Buckthorn Juice, elderberry juice, grape juice or banana juice.

fancier Savory water recipes are examples beetroot juice, celery juice, basil juice.

If you own a juicer, choose from ours Juicer Recipes delicious saisaons that your mom loves.

Mother’s Day Breakfast Tea: Something Unusual?

Tea is not only delicious and generally healthy, but can also be served beautifully for a Mother's Day breakfast.
Tea is not only delicious and generally healthy, but can also be served beautifully for a Mother’s Day breakfast.
(Image: CC0/Pixabay/HCshearer)

Does your mother prefer tea? Of course you can use classic breakfast teas like black tea, tea teaor prepare green tea. By the way, there are other variations of tea leaves, try them for example yellow tea and white tea outside

There are some traditional teas Other lattes that can make a Mother’s Day breakfast special:

Other teas that could potentially become your mom’s new favorite teas:

The alcoholic one is perfect for a Mother’s Day breakfast Jaggertee.

However, you can also prepare tea from some of your mother’s favorite ingredients to get a unique taste: Ideas for delicious tea mixes.

If that tea is an indulgent drink, it may be of high quality durable tea accessories such as teapots or teacups also make a great Mother’s Day gift.

Smoothie Recipes for Mother’s Day

Smoothies refresh and add color to a Mother's Day breakfast.
Smoothies refresh and add color to a Mother’s Day breakfast.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Pexels)

A refreshing smoothie is a fruity addition to a vegan Mother’s Day breakfast. It is quick to prepare, makes the breakfast table more colorful and provides important nutrients. There is a classic fruit-sweet smoothieshow do

But at the same time ‘heart’ Smoothies with vegetables or herbs are surprisingly tasty (and healthy!) Here’s a selection:

If your mom appreciates local food, she will definitely enjoy these three Summer smoothies with seasonal fruits. You can also use one for the spoon instead of the drink Make yourself a bowl of liquid.

Mother’s Day breakfast: onions and corn

Porridge is an easy and filling part of a Mother's Day breakfast.
Porridge is an easy and filling part of a Mother’s Day breakfast.
(Image: CC0/Pixabay/iha31)

Porridge and other grains are not only delicious and easy to prepare; they thank you complex carbohydrates and very full of fiber. If your mom loves hair, you can find inspiration here:

Rolls, croissants & muffins

You can bake your own croissants or croissants for Mother's Day breakfast.
You can bake your own croissants or croissants for Mother’s Day breakfast.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / ThorstenF)

Don’t you prefer classic games for breakfast? Then here you will find the perfect recipes for pastries, croissants, muffins and breakfast cakes:

Pancakes and waffles for Mother’s Day breakfast

Pancakes are a classic Sunday breakfast.
Pancakes are a classic Sunday breakfast.
(Image: CC0 / Pixabay / StockSnap)

Fresh pancakes or waffles are a Sunday breakfast classic. You can prepare them for Mother’s Day breakfast according to your mother’s taste: sweet or savory, with or without fruit and even gluten-free.

very popular sweet pancake recipes counting Blueberry Pancakes, banana pancakes, Oatmeal Pancakes and the Apple Pancakes Recipe.

your pancakes both sweet and savoryt prove or change, not vegan pancakes, Buckwheat pancakes, Chickpea Pancakes, Lentil pancakes, spelled pancakes and the basic recipe for gluten free pancakes.

When your mother has it for lunch more sincere like, try Spinach pancakes or our other three recipes for savory pancakes.

Also the basic recipe for Vegan waffles you can customize it according to your preference.

Vegan spreads, vegan jams and scrambled eggs

Vegan cream cheese is a great spread for a Mother's Day breakfast.
Vegan cream cheese is a great spread for a Mother’s Day breakfast.
(Image: CC0 / Pixabay / ponce_photography)

Homemade rolls or pancakes can be topped with sweet or savory toppings. Whether it’s a spread, cheese, jam, scrambled eggs or an omelette: here are the right vegan recipes for the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast:


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