Mother Juices: What’s Behind It – And How Healthy Are They?

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You can usually be sure of 100% fruit content in all fruit juices. Is it straight water? acidic fruits, one mentions “mother’s advice”. How healthy are the waters of such mothers?

It is worth knowing about mother’s water

In principle, with all fruit and non-concentrate juices, including mother juices, fruit content 100% see This is also regulated by law: besides fruit, there should be no other ingredients in fruit juice.

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This type of water is called mother’s water from the first printing originates. That is why it is often referred to as pure straight water. The fruits are pressed once and briefly and gently pasteurized to retain most of the natural, healthy ingredients. The same goes for fruit juice and other non-concentrated fruit juices: These are just that. gently and briefly pasteurizedto reduce nutrient loss.

The advantage of this production method is that you get the most of all nutrients and vitamins can benefit from the fruit. Depending on the variety, the fruit contains many antioxidants, secondary plant substances, vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2 and B6 as well as the minerals phosphorus, magnesium and iron. These compounds strengthen your immune system, can prevent nutritional deficiencies, have an anti-inflammatory effect and protect against free radicals. There are currently no studies to prove this effect of mother’s water; however, you can be sure of many healthy ingredients.

Mother Juice – made from a variety of acidic fruits

they become mother’s water of acidic fruit types succeeded. They include, for example, cranberries, cranberries, elderberries, pomegranates, buckthorn or black currants. Not everyone likes the taste of pure mother’s water: usually they taste good slightly sour and sour from famous fruit juice. It is a good idea to dilute the liquids slightly with water or make them into a liquid or gel.

Nut juice usually provides them as well A base for a fruit nectar with water, sugar or honey often added for a sweeter taste. Due to the positive effect on health, it is reasonable to include fruit juice and thus mother’s juice in your diet and enjoy them from time to time. According to the German Diet Association, fruit and vegetable juices can sometimes replace a portion of fruit or vegetables in the 5-day campaign because of their high nutrient density.

Donation: When buying, you should pay attention to organic quality; Only in this way can you be sure that no chemical plant products were used during cultivation.

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