Most people ignore them: these six breakfast mistakes are making you fat

A self-prepared breakfast made from fresh ingredients is not only the cornerstone of a successful day, but also an important foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

But even if you take your time in the morning and prepare a healthy meal based on your knowledge and belief, mistakes can still be made.

Many people don’t even know that these six things can make you fat in the morning.

1. Drink sweet water or liquids

The food industry would have us believe that smoothies are the ultimate in nutrition. Even finely peeled fruit contains a lot of calories.

You eat a lot of fructose with fruits. Also, since you’re getting the nutrients from fruit in liquid form, they don’t fill you up very well.

2. Prepared muesli mixes or fruit yogurt

Manufacturing companies like to use additives that enhance flavor, affect shelf life or simply provide a better product consistency and appearance. Unfortunately, these supplements are usually very unhealthy and make you fat.

Instead of ready-made breakfast products such as muesli mixes or fruit yogurts, which often contain a lot of sugar, prepare whole grains, seeds and fresh fruit or natural yogurt in which you extract fruit and sweeten it with agave syrup. use it. or honey naturally.

3. Only carbohydrates and no protein

Complex carbohydrates such as oats and fruit are particularly healthy and provide energy for the first part of the day. However, you also need protein to stay full for a long time and provide muscle.

You also burn more calories when consuming protein than carbohydrates and fat. Another reason to top up muesli with some quark is to swap a piece of white bread with jam for wholemeal bread with cheese, or eat an egg with it.

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4. Sweet rolls made from white dough

Many people do not take the time to prepare a fresh and healthy breakfast in the morning. On the way to work, a quick stop is made at the bakery and a croissant, bagel or even a donut is eaten – preferably between doors. These simple carbohydrates do not last long.

Because white flour does not have many nutrients. Also, as a result of such a breakfast, the blood sugar level rises quickly and then drops again quickly.

Dreams that tempt you to eat more and eat less after only a few hours. This effect is reinforced by the large amounts of sugar contained in croissants and the like.

5. Wrong fruit mix

Too much sugar in fruit can also be a problem in the morning. Because the blood sugar level also reacts to this.

However, to prevent this, you don’t have to completely give up fresh fruit for breakfast. On the contrary: When harvested correctly, fruit is a healthy breakfast.

Some varieties have less fructose than others. For example, berries and watermelon are ideal in muesli with oats and as a topping on quark or your hair.

Apples can provide excellent pectin, a dietary fiber that causes quick and lasting satiety.

6. Fasting in the morning or eating a late breakfast

When it comes to morning fasting, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It works well for some, but unfortunately not for others. If you are in the second group and it is difficult for you to delay breakfast and finish your meal, you should not fast.

If you don’t feel like eating in the morning anyway and you start the day a little later with a balanced breakfast, rich in fruit and protein, then fasting can bring you many health benefits.

Just try how it works for you and listen to your hunger pangs.

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