Milk fasting: How does milk fasting work and does it work? Juices, Recipes and more

When there is a lot of stress in everyday life, there is often little time to find a balance um. Those who forget to give the body what it needs often find themselves uncomfortable over time.

Juju fasting there may be a possibility here, a change of diet start or relieve something from the organism. But what exactly is a juice fast? How does it work and what are its benefits? Information on drinking water fasting is possible juices you can see here.

What is milk fasting and how long does it last?

At the Juju fasting in a period of about two to five days liquidsas if freshly squeezed the fruit-and vegetable juice, water, herbal teas or clear vegetable broth. Solid foods are not eaten during this time. Some people see juice fasting as a healthy way to lose weight fast. Others report that it just makes them feel better and swear by the one accused detoxifying effect from fasting.

Compared to traditional fasting, water fasting replenishes the body in large quantities vitamins, minerals and enzymes are provided.

Dairy fasting: a lesson in fasting healing

At the Juju fasting are distributed throughout the day seven glasses drinking water That’s the goal love relax, stimulate metabolism and thus increase comfort.

It is recommended to have a pot in the evening tea to drink. Teas with herbs such as chamomile, chamomile or lavender have a calming effect and are therefore particularly suitable.

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Milk fasting to lose weight? What does the sherbet fast do?

It is normal to lose a few pounds during fasting. However, this is the basis weight loss with emphasis on losing water. A juice fast is not a measure that should be followed continuously for weight loss. Because single treatment can cause one in the long run nutritional deficiency to come. However, fasting is a good way to relax the body and mind change of diet to begin.

Fasting From: Which One? Buy or do it yourself?

There are many it cleans, which can be purchased ready-made or ordered. For example, “Fastenkasten” from Voelkel or fasting medicine from “Frank Juice”. However, these are often not cheap. A good alternative is to drink milk again the fruit and vegetables self produced

Almost every fruit and vegetable is allowed in fresh water. However, it is important to have as balanced a mixture as possible high vegetable content. Fruits and vegetables should always be washed before use.

These vegetables and fruits are especially suitable for breastfeeding

Vegetables for juicing:

  • celery
  • spinach leaves
  • Kale
  • carrot
  • fresh almonds
  • tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • paprika

fruit for drinking water:

  • oranges
  • the night
  • pineapple
  • Unpeeled lemons
  • blue

After a water fast: what happens after a water fast?

After fasting medicine one should not immediately start using the digestive tract run, Foods that are difficult to digest. It is wise to pick up first lightto resort to soft foods.

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