Making pasta: How to save almost half of the electricity

Updated: 09/13/2022 – 17:51

Smart savings when eating
Pasta making: Save a lot of money here

With our tips you can save a lot of money while cooking.

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With our tips you can save a lot of money while cooking.

In the energy crisis, every euro counts. We tell you how to use less energy while cooking and save a lot of money!

The rising costs of electricity and gas will probably keep us busy for a while. Especially where the cold winter is slowly but surely coming. You should also be smart when preparing your favorite foods and save energy wherever you can. Spaghetti, penne and other pasta specialties are also usually on your menu. Fortunately, Nobel laureate in physics, Giorgio Parisi, has some tips to save you a lot of money when making pasta in the future.

Making pasta: This way it works with less energy

According to the Energy Consumers Association, about 700 watt hours are needed to cook 500 grams of pasta. With our tips, this drink can be almost halved.

Do not heat your cooking water in a pan, in a large pan. Of course, there must also be a layer that is on the pan until the boiling process. Then put the noodles to be cooked in boiling water, quickly put the lid on and immediately turn off the stove. Now that the water temperature has dropped a bit, the pasta will need about 3 to 5 minutes until al dente. But the important thing is: you will be without extra energy. You just don’t need to cook pasta in 100 degree hot water. The same principle can be used with potatoes, although you should only turn off the stove after eight minutes to allow the potatoes to boil.

Save even more energy when cooking with these tips

Make sure your clothes are of the highest quality with the best heat transfer. And especially make sure that the hob is optimally equipped with your pots and pans.

Make sure you only heat the amount of water you really need for your dish. For cooking pasta, vegetables, etc.

You can also save extra energy by pre-heating water for boiling in a kettle. It consumes much less energy than an oven.

After all, you want to continue enjoying Italian cuisine to the fullest and don’t miss delicious dishes like these quick gnocchi with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. You won’t want to do without a selection of cute tigers from our gallery.

And in our video we show you seven simple pasta dishes that you can create without any effort for the family:

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