– The best breakfast ideas for a healthy start to the day

Especially those who tend to be mornings often start the day without breakfast. However, this is not recommended in any way.

However, you may just lack the right ideas to prepare a healthy and delicious breakfast in the morning. There are many easy ones breakfast ideas see how healthy and delicious the new day can start in the future.

The following article shows how important a balanced and healthy breakfast is for well-being and what delicious breakfast ideas can be prepared in no time.

The importance of a healthy breakfast

Many nutritionists agree that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. It should also not be overlooked that weight loss can be made easier with the help of a healthy and balanced breakfast.

About half of the total calories consumed daily are metabolized by the body at night. Therefore, it is very important to replenish the empty energy stores in the morning.

An ideal breakfast contains healthy fats as well as vitamins, proteins and complex carbohydrates. For example, these nutrients can be found in oatmeal, low-fat quark and avocado. Other healthy ingredients that are perfect for breakfast include whole-wheat bread, eggs, bananas, vegetables, nuts, flax seeds, and other fruits.

Delicious, easy and healthy: great breakfast recipes


Shakshuka is the national dish of Israel. Meanwhile, this also made a real noise in Germany.

The food contains very few carbohydrates, but has a large amount of protein, so it is very popular in the breakfast of health-conscious people. It should also be said that the preparation of the delicious meal takes only a few minutes.


By now, most people will probably have heard a lot of praise about the hair – but especially in its sweet version. However, porrik can also be convincing as a hearty version.

Basically, pork contains many important nutrients and can be prepared very quickly, which makes it a highly recommended and healthy food. There are many complex carbohydrates in oats. If the hair is supplemented with an egg and some vegetables, the supply of vitamins and proteins is also ensured.

Low carb bread

Those who want to eat healthy and with calories, but don’t want to eat without their bread in the morning, don’t have to. The solution is special low-carb bread, which you can make yourself or find in the supermarket.

Self-production requires only almond flour, quark and some kernels. This bread is also suitable for a low carb diet.

scrambled eggs

Undoubtedly scrambled eggs are a real classic among breakfast ideas. After all, this food is a real powerhouse that provides lots of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and plenty of protein.

Depending on the taste and personal taste, simple scrambled eggs can, of course, be expanded, for example with cheese, zucchini or fresh tomatoes.

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