Lovely flash recipes for the end of the day – just five ingredients

Christian Henze has no time to waste. In the evening, he stands for hours on the stove, “stirring the kitchen with great effort”, this does not leave him. According to his opinion, the effort should be kept as low as possible. For years, the star chef has been showing how to do this without reaching for pizza or junk food every day with his best-selling “After-workout flash recipes” series. Watermelons play the main role in his latest work.

“Once you start caramelizing vegetables, roasting them or cooking them under the grill with refined spices, heaven opens up for you in terms of enjoyment with any piece of meat,” says Henze. Whether it’s a mango casserole, or a spicy kimchi sandwich with Asian cream, easier cabbage with mushroom and orzo pasta or teriyaki tofu with celery – the recipes in the Express, One Pot, To Go and Comfort Food sections are one thing. there are. in common sense. According to Henze, they go well and easily, are ready on the table in no time and make the family’s mouth water.

The formula for quick post-workout recipe success

Henze’s winning formula is the same as before: simple, fast and without organization of components. In addition to basic ingredients such as oil or tomato paste, a maximum of five additional ingredients must be purchased for each meal. This saves a time-consuming shopping trip in advance and eases the budget. For many dishes, only one pan or pan is needed, which saves time-consuming washing operations. The icing on the cake: Vegetable cooking is not only cheaper, but also gives you a good conscience. “Less meat, fish and sausage is good for all of us, and at the same time it protects environmental resources and your wallet,” explains Henze.

We present five Christian Henze recipes that are suitable for everyday use in the recipe section above.

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