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What else is kiwi called?

Kiwi or kiwifruit was initially recognized because of its country of origin A Chinese fountain pen or a Chinese fountain pen they called It was originally called in the Asian region Yang Tao What is known in German? “Macaque Peach” meaning Because of the star fruit of the same name, the name of the class is now Mi Hou Tao common to native kiwis. It was only in the early 20th century that the fruit was cultivated outside of China in New Zealand. For marketing reasons, the term kiwi, which is still common in most German and English-speaking countries, was coined there in 1959. This comes from the native kiwi bird, the national symbol of New Zealand.

What does a kiwi look like?

Depending on the type and variety of fruits, they differ in appearance, shape, size and taste. Most commercially available kiwis are self-seeding brown, green and brown skin from other types of fruits. It is particularly impressive pulp juicy and green. In the center of the oval fruit a carpel white to creamsit around the black seed of food.

What gender is he?

Botanically, the term kiwi is the berry of various species of actinidia, a genus of plants in the family the Ray-pen family (Actinidiaceae). These are woody, liana-like shrubs that are dioecious. This means that male and female flowers bloom on separate plants, so a distinction is also made between male and female types of kiwifruit. Except white flowers bloom there which are about eight inches long and five inches wide berry fruitsits taste varies according to the degree of ripening.


In general, Kiwi with a light sweetness with a slightly sour note from that to a Mixture of melon, gooseberry and strawberry memory The more tender and yellow the meat, the sweeter it is.

What types are there?

Sales are a priority these days two types of kiwi. That is what is said Actinidia deliciosa represents the majority of kiwifruit sold worldwide. This includes the famous Zespri kiwifruit imported from New Zealand and the famous “Hayward” variety which dominates the kiwifruit market due to its size and rich aroma. Under the name “Golden Kiwi” mother Actinidia chinensis is sold, which, unlike its green meat relatives, has yellow flesh and a nice skin. Due to the low amount of actinidin, a protein-degrading enzyme, it does not produce a sour taste when combined with dairy products.

Where does kiwi come from?

More than half of the world’s kiwifruit harvest did not leave it Country of origin China. Since the fruits produced there are not exported to Europe, kiwi is now grown in many countries with sub-tropical and temperate climates. Among the leading suppliers count for the European market, Italy and New Zealand.

Farming – if so, how?

Kiwis can go further can also be cultivated. Because plants are at risk from late frost, a Sow between mid-April and late September to suggest. Warm and wind-protected places are best for this.

Also one It is possible to make a pot. The pot should be big enough, because the plants have strong roots. To put kiwi fruit, you have to both male and female plants are placed side by side desire They thrive best when in it moist soil, slightly acidic and rich in nutrients put and regularly with less water. Adequate distance and support such as a house wall or fence is recommended. After the first frost, kiwi fruits are harvested in October or November and then stored for later ripening.

More ideas for your raised bed/garden:

Regular season

Because there are many growing areas, kiwis are offered throughout the year. The fruit season from southern countries starts in April, with kiwi deliveries from New Zealand starting in June. Season for European kiwis from Italy or Greece hatch from October to May instead of. Climacteric fruits are usually harvested when they are not ripe, so that they continue to ripen during transport and storage.

How do I know that the fruit is ripe?

The perfect degree of maturity can be defined as a pressure test to be determined. If the fruit is still dry If it gives way slightly with light finger pressure without pressure points, it is ready to be enjoyed. If the kiwi is very dry, it needs more time. If, on the other hand, it remains inside, this is a sign of an overripe fruit.

Which part is eaten?

Usually will he only ate the inner diaper by crushing or removing the kiwi from the shell. But they too the outer skin is eaten after washing, provided that the fruit is untreated. In fact, there is a large amount of valuable vitamins and dietary fiber.

Ingredients & Vitamins

Now two kiwis a day hide daily need of adults vitamin C. This supports bone formation and connective tissue and it is present in significantly higher amounts in kiwis than, for example, in oranges. Beside high amount of antioxidantslow-calorie fruits that protect against free radicalsIt is rich in digestive juices and minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Due to its high content of vitamin C, kiwi a natural home remedy that boosts the body’s immune system. However, the fruit acid it contains can cause burning of the tongue. WHO sensitive to fruit acid or sugarso it should be on one soft drink respect, think a lot.

How is kiwi eaten?

Ripe kiwis are ideal for their sweetness and intense green color ideal for drinking raw. Halved crosswise, they can be easily washed, while the sliced ​​or diced fruit add an exotic touch to summer fruit salads. Also as Decoration for sweets and cakes and for fruit bases, kiwis are very popular. As an important supplier of vitamins, they are also a complete ingredient healthy smoothies, mueslis, tropical jams or summer fruit bowls as well as cocktails.

Sweet breakfast lovers can turn kiwis into a delicious jam. The fresh aromas of ginger or lemon juice complement the fruity sweetness of kiwi and turn ordinary bread or roses into a tropical treat. Kiwi reveals its full potential as a superfood, especially in healthy smoothies. Fruits are washed with milk, yogurt or other juice. Also, with apples, bananas or spinach, as well as spinach, it makes a healthy and sweet dish that helps to strengthen the immune system. In summer, kiwi yogurt cake looks good on coffee tables. The combination of moist batter and creamy yogurt cream is a perfect match with the tart sweetness of the kiwi.

Can kiwi be frozen?

Although not necessary due to year-round availability, Can kiwi be frozen?. However, due to their very high content, dried fruits are very soft. It is therefore recommended that fully ripe kiwis be stored in a fruit puree before freezing, which can be used in a variety of smoothies, dessert sauces or chutneys after soaking.

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