Kimchi and Turkey Breast Sandwich – Korean for Beginners –

Today we have a slightly different breakfast idea for you. Korean cabbage is combined with delicious turkey breast and salad in a sandwich. This may sound a little harsh at first, because kimchi is equal parts spicy, salty, sour, and sweet and overwhelms your taste buds. But as with all things in life, litigation breeds poison. This kimchi and turkey breast sandwich is perfect for a few days!

Personally, I love kimchi right now. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. Besides the sandwich with kimchi and turkey breast, I especially like kimchi with avocado and scrambled eggs. But there are certainly many varieties that you can enjoy. It is also especially useful when you have a hangover. It has a stimulating effect, promotes digestion and gives you a good feeling of doing something good for your body.

Because kimchi is really healthy. You can say that kimchi cleanses your stomach and gets your intestinal flora flowing. You can read more about why kimchi, as one of many fermented products, is so healthy here. And if you want to get your own homemade kimchi, we’ve prepared a great guide with a recipe for you here.

Last but not least, in addition to the kimchi sandwich and turkey breast, we have some breakfast recipes for you that are a great way to start the day. Give it a try.

Two sandwiches on a wooden board.


Spicy breakfast idea: sandwich with kimchi and turkey breast


For a varied breakfast, simply add kimchi and turkey breast to the bun.


  1. Cut the bread in half and fry it in a pan without oil. Then spread with oil and then cover with all the other ingredients.

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