Juice fasting made easy – 8 questions and answers

  • Fasting is the same especially the mild type of fastingin which the body consumes 5 to 7 large glasses of drinking water and at least 2 to 3 liters of cold water and, if necessary, some tea every day.

    Unlike therapeutic fasting, which you have to do without food, the body continues to be supplied with valuable vitamins, minerals and enzymes during the water cleanse. Another plus: Lent can be enjoyed to the fullest by choosing the right water.

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  • Fasting consists of a predetermined schedule. This lasts for several days, for example as a 7-day program.

    Regardless of the length, the water fasting treatment always follows the same pattern: It begins with a day of rest and preparation, followed by the actual fasting days and then the days of establishing or breaking the fast.. This sequence allows the body to detoxify optimally and can be used with dietary changes.

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  • Vegetable juice is the best drink for fasting, because they contain much less fructose than fruit juice, so they do not cause the blood sugar level to rise too high. Fruit juice is also allowed every now and then.

    Alternatively, vegetable juice can be flavored with fresh herbs, ginger, turmeric or some other fruit. Coffee and alcohol are taboo during fasting treatment.

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  • When choosing drinking water, one thing is particularly important: personal taste.

    It is recommended to use one balanced mix respect Almost all fruit and vegetable juices are allowed, from celery, carrot, almond, tomato and grape juice to orange juice or the classic grape juice. Even more unusual juices such as blackberry, raspberry or blueberry juice can contribute to a happy fasting period.

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  • Drinking water at a fast rate ensures that the body is properly hydrated: Aging cells are removed and cell renewal is activated. Excretory organs transport the resulting metabolic products out of the body. These include the skin and mucous membranes, liver, kidneys, intestines and lungs.

    High-quality water, mainly from vegetables, provides the body with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and carbohydrates for only a few calories.

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  • Adil For short periods, around 7 to 14 days, water fasting is generally harmless for healthy people.. During this period, there are usually no symptoms or side effects.

    During the first few days, you may experience occasional headaches or fatigue or an increased feeling of chills. Hot tea helps with the latter. Heated plant juices prepared as soups provide additional heat.

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  • In principle, any healthy, healthy person can fast independently.

    Who is not sure or However, if you have some pre-existing diseases, you should stop the juice fast or at least seek medical advice first.. These include: heart disease, eating disorders, diabetes, poor circulation, high blood pressure, malnutrition and weight loss. Fasting is generally not suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and young people.

    Frequently asked questions about juice fasting

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  • A balanced and colorful mixture of different water is the ideal basis for drinking water treatment: Not only can a lot of nutrients be packed into this – it doesn’t disappoint in terms of taste either!

    Voelkel’s fast food box offers a selection of delicious, healthy and high quality fast foods for newbies to fasting as well as experienced fasters. Demeter juices for a program of up to 8 days.

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