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Juice maker Hitchcock, which previously sold only stations, has opened an online store that offers other categories such as bar accessories and glasses in addition to the products available in retail.

Since August, the beverage producer Hitchcock has made its entire line of products available online at its web store. Flavored water, a selection of exotic juices and non-concentrated exotic nectars called “Juice Collection”, as well as ginger shots are now available in the new online store.

Pasteurized juices are also available in the “Just Juice”, “Just Spice” and “Just Shots” gift sets (from September). Customers can also find recipes and other drink recommendations for products in the store.

Water can be ordered as a single bottle or in a set of 6. In addition to the products that are available in brick and mortar stores, there are other related items in the online store. The range also includes bar items such as straws, a cocktail bar, a bar measure or glasses in various designs. Hitchcock plans to expand the offer in succession; primarily in terms of bar equipment.

Direct sale of drinking water in the online store

Products can be paid for by direct transfer, credit card or PayPal; Customers receive the invoice by email after completing the order. To keep the return rate low, Hitchcock informs its buyers on the site that they should avoid returns whenever possible.

Since shipping packages puts a strain on the environment, the store offers return shipping for a fee; The exception applies only in the case of proven product defects or incorrect shipment.

Hitchcock currently only caters to buyers in Germany. Shipping costs are 5.95 euros; This does not exceed an order value of 70.00 euros.

Traditional company with sustainability efforts

The Hitchcock Company was founded in 1966 by Ingeborg Hitchcock. Since the late 1990s, the Hitchcock brand has belonged to Sportfit Fruchtsaft GmbH, the predecessor of Valensina GmbH – where it is now part of. Valensina GmbH operates in three locations in Germany (Mönchengladbach, Vechta and Erding) and currently employs around 400 people.

Valensina GmbH has been part of the “CSR Juice Platform” since 2015, a sustainability initiative of the European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN). The aim of this initiative is for companies in the fruit juice industry to incorporate their social responsibility into their business activities. Thus, compliance with international minimum standards for human rights, labor and the environment must be applied throughout the value chain.

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