Help day: You can easily make up for the caloric sins

It is completely normal if you have eaten too much. That’s not a problem at all, because you can get your calorie balance back on track with a rest day.

A helping day is not only good for the result on the scale, it is really good for your body. You can easily install it and integrate it into your daily life. The good thing is that there is no yo-yo effect guaranteed.

This day is a day of relaxation

This day means a holiday for your metabolism. It is a useful way if someone has sinned once while losing weight. Of course, one day will not help you get rid of excess weight – you need to change your diet in the long term.

But eating only foods that are easily digested and have few calories is good for the body and keeps your metabolism going.

So a relief day is a 1-day diet and should be seen as more compensation if you ate too much the day before.

The day will help you break your diet habits too.

This is what a day of relaxation looks like

There are many ways to organize your day. You can choose a day of fruit, vegetables, juice or rice.

  1. at one fruit day you only eat fruit, avoiding very sweet varieties such as bananas or dried fruit. Instead, choose apples, watermelon, or pineapple. You can eat as much as you like – but nothing else. In total, there should be no more than 1.5 kg of fruit per day.
  2. Also on one vegetable day you get the same amount – ie 1.5 kg of vegetables per day. You can eat it raw, cooked or in a salad.
  3. If you choose one sunrise decide, then you drink 5 – 6 juices a day. However, salt water should not be salted or sweetened. Colored juices offer some variety: for example, start your treatment with a green juice made from spinach, cucumber and ginger. At lunchtime, red juice is made from beets, carrots and celery.
  4. For one rice day you cook 200 grams of rice and eat it all day. To make it not boring, you can also put an apple in the rice or add lemon or cinnamon. Warning: If you have low blood pressure, you may experience circulation problems on rice day.

You can drink this on the day of the download

Are you ok 3 to 4 liters of liquid in the form of water or unsweetened herbal and fruit teas. But fruit and vegetable juices without added sugar are also good.

Alcohol is fine – and you should also avoid coffee and energy drinks today.

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