Hawaiian Spaghetti Goes Viral – a family test dish

DA recipe went viral these days, and it was one for Hawaiian Spaghetti. It’s said to be better than spaghetti carbonara, according to British broadcaster BBC, which aired it on its Food Channel website. “A family-friendly pasta maker that makes the best of canned food,” the editors wrote about the quirky creation. As the name suggests, it is pasta with ham and pineapple. And it was precisely this confusion that caused a huge furore on the Internet.

The recipe mocks the food culture of Italy – after all, not even Hawaiian pizza reigned there. On social media “I’ve seen something worse than pineapple on pizza”, “It’s an insult to Italian cuisine, I’m out!”, “Sad” or “Are you trying to start a fight?” The reaction shows that the alleged adulteration of the so-called typical national food is now as much discussed in the context of debates about cultural appropriation as vaccination requirements, speed limits and the question of whether trans women are allowed to visit women’s shelters.

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In the case of Hawaiian spaghetti, there is also a culinary aspect to consider. Because even people who are sympathetic to similar questions prefer to do without this food: “I love pineapple on pizza, but I’ve reached my limits with pasta,” wrote one user. Now you should know that there is neither fresh pineapple nor fresh greens in the dish, but both require a spring (clay pot found on every canning shelf in Great Britain) – also contains: butter, onions, garlic and “fatty cheese”.

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And what does a real Italian say about Spaghetti Hawaii? “In principle I’m open to new things, so I’ll try at least once. But I’m sure I’ll taste it – pineapple is not for me on pizza or pasta,” says Vito Campanelli, who was born in Bari and likes to taste a lot – for the author when he goes to visit family. On Twitter, some Italians spoke in a very undiplomatic way: “This is a casus belli for us Italians”, “Such a crime”, “I thought the BBC was a professional broadcaster, how wrong I was. Next topic: How should you put some cream in the carbonara, and we have to make guanciale (Editor’s note. fat, air-cured bacon) salmon exchange”.

Family test meal

That’s reason enough to try the recipe (read at the end of the article) – with the family, because the test family is a big fan of everything that has the addition of Hawaii tiki in its name, be it toast or pizza. .

The ingredients are very simple and really cheap; just under eight euros for four servings. Only the canned ham had to deviate from the original recipe – but the boiled ham packed in slices should serve the purpose just as well. For a moment you wonder what is so “family friendly” about this meal – it is anything but healthy and balanced. The point of this is probably preparation, because it is very easy and can be done quickly.

Pink and innocent, hummus smothered in a pineapple cream cheese sauce with peppers

Pink and innocent, hummus smothered in a pineapple cream cheese sauce with peppers

Source: Dietgard Stein

Big time: it’s done and it doesn’t look so bad. It may turn a little yellow. In fact, no one turns their noses up at the table – perhaps this is due to the fact that this dish is greenless. A certain measure for children. Taste test results: “very creamy, but good”, “surprisingly sweet note”, “very hot”. Everyone at the table agrees that it has no potential to become your new favorite food. Also: “totally unrelated to Italian cuisine”, but “great as a quick snack in between”, even if “Hawaiian pizza is better”.

Perhaps the point is this: You have to really like Hawaii pizza and “German-style” spaghetti carbonara—that is, pasta smothered in a good creamy sauce—to be able to get something out of this pasta recipe. But it is in no way a declaration of food war against Italy, because there is nothing Italian about it.

These components are:

400 grams of spaghetti

1 tablespoon of butter

1 medium onion, chopped

1 clove garlic, minced

200 g canned ham, cut into cubes

400 g can of pineapple pieces in drinking water

200 g of full-fat cream cheese

salt and black pepper

And this is how it is prepared:

Cook spaghetti according to package directions in a pot of boiling salted water.

Meanwhile, melt the butter in a medium saucepan over low heat. Saute onion for 4 to 5 minutes – until softened but not browned. Add the crushed garlic and pepper and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes, stirring regularly.

Drain the pineapple, reserving the juice. Add the cream cheese and pineapple chunks with half of the onion juice and garlic. Let everything cook for two to three minutes – until the cheese melts and the pineapple chunks are warm. Add the remaining stock and heat through.

Drain the pasta, return to the pan and add the ham and pineapple. Season with a little salt and plenty of black pepper. Toss everything well until the spaghetti is lightly coated with the sauce. Serve immediately.

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