Granini, Innocent & Valensina fail

In the current issue (1/2022), “Öko-Test” examined a total of 20 orange juices. In addition to ingredients, the test criteria were also appearance, taste and smell as well as processing and transparency for the final evaluation.

Although many manufacturers may display certifications such as “We Care,” manufacturers do not provide fair and safe working conditions for farm and factory workers—and wages often fall far short of living wages.

Only eight orange juices can get a “good” grade, with none making the “very good” cut. The other two products achieved a “satisfactory” rating. Six waters are still “enough”. Three expensive juices fail with a “deficient” rating, and one only ends up with a “deficient” rating.

Organic water also weakens in the test

Even organic or Demter certified sugarcane sometimes do not provide fair conditions for the workers. Among the 20 products tested are five organic juices.

two of them Alnatura orange juice 100% straight juice (to Edeka24) and Voelkel Orange 100% straight juice (Demeter) (on Amazon) “good” score.

Two other certified organic products get “enough.” In addition to censorship, production and lack of transparency are criticized here. An organic product fails with an overall rating of “poor”: Beutelsbacher Direct Juice (Demeter) can score points in terms of taste, but the laboratory shows increased hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) values ​​and low aroma quality. There are also other deductions for inefficient supply chains, only partially fair and safe working conditions and none for farm and factory workers.

For the detailed report at ÖKO-TEST

These are the ÖKO-TEST test winners and losers

Among the winners are cheap bottled water and supermarket water. The following traditional products scored “good” in the test:

  • Albi Orange by Albi – around 8 euros for 6x 1 liter (for Netto-Online)
  • Paradiso Orange with pulp, juice directly from penny – around 1.40 euros for 1 liter
  • Best Choice Orange Juice Direct Juice with Pulp leave – around 1.40 euro for 1 liter (for Rewe)
  • Rio D’Oro Orange Juice by Aldi – around 0.85 euro for 1 liter
  • Solevita 100% Orange by Lidl – around 0.85 euro for 1 liter
  • Orange juice with pulp norm – around 1.40 euros for 1 liter

The situation is different with famous fruit juices: the most expensive ones are also the worst orange juices in the test. Like the Beutelsbacher straight orange juice mentioned above, the following products also fail the “Öko-Test”:

  • Granini orange juice with pulp – “poor”
  • Orange breakfast valence without pulp – “poor”
  • Innocent Orange without pulp – “low”

You can read the test results for a fee at “Öko-Test”.

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