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When the vines in the garden produce a lot of grapes, the question arises: what to do with all the fruits? While jams, juices and jellies are certainly a happy solution, they are all long-term preservation methods. It is much easier to freeze fruit. Due to its high water content and dry skin, grapes remain stable and sugar-sweet. Frozen grapes can be used this way later, but they also make a surprisingly tasty and fresh snack.

To freeze the grapes piece by piece, the berries are first removed from their stems and washed thoroughly. Before freezing, the grapes should be completely dry and placed upside down on a tray lined with paper towels. Frozen this way, grapes can be mashed together a few hours later or enjoyed as an ice-cold snack.

Can you freeze grapes?

Grapes freeze very well. Seedless table grapes, for example from your garden, are best. But grapes from the supermarket can also be frozen, they just need to be washed carefully. However, if they are to be eaten frozen or unstrained, all grapes must be seedless. It doesn’t matter if you freeze green or red grapes. However, the skin of dark grape varieties is thicker, so they remain a little more stable when soaked. But if you want to enjoy the sweet fruit frozen or use it to make jam, you have a free choice.

When should you freeze grapes?

To keep the fruit firm after freezing and thawing, it is best to freeze it as fresh as possible. Also, only healthy grapes should be frozen. For a frozen grape lunch, the bigger and sweeter the fruit, the tastier the little sorbet ball.

How to freeze grapes?

First, the individual grapes must be picked from their stems and sorted. The grapes are then washed well in a bowl and spread on a tea towel to dry. When the grapes are completely dry, they can be placed on a tray or in the oven. They should fall as little as possible. To prevent it from freezing to the floor, it can be covered with a tea towel or some kitchen paper. Frozen grapes can be removed by themselves without any problems. However, they can be transferred to a space-saving container or freezer bag after a few hours.

If you want to process the grapes at a later time, you can measure the appropriate amount in advance and immediately freeze them in a container or freezer after washing and drying. This saves production and prevents waste from getting wet during processing. In order not to forget how many grapes have been frozen, the number can be indicated on the tin or freezer bag.

How long can you freeze grapes?

Frozen grapes will keep in the freezer for about six months. However, they lose their flavor over time and become more and more soggy after soaking. If the fruit is stored for a longer period of time and not eaten from the freezer within the first few days, it is recommended to put a date on it.

What can you do with frozen grapes?

Frozen grapes are amazingly versatile! Of course, freezing is an easy way to preserve grapes and produce in the future. Frozen fruit can be cooked in grape juice, jelly or ice cream, or used in baking. Frozen grapes are also practical for fresh juices or as an ice substitute in drinks that shouldn’t be diluted with traditional ice cubes.

Anyone who hasn’t tried frozen grapes should definitely try it. The small, cold cookies are a healthy alternative to sweets and their taste is reminiscent of a fruit sorbet that is loved not only by children. So just try it and enjoy!

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