Fever juice: Can the dosage form be changed?

Due to the regulation of the Sars-CoV-2 drug, pharmacies currently still have the option of changing the dosage form of a drug that cannot be delivered. This means that pharmacies can also dispense suppositories in place of lotions, provided they are in stock or delivered.

ยง3 SARS-CoV-2 AMVV: “Departing from article 17 paragraph 5 sentences 1 and 2 and paragraph 5a of the pharmacy work regulation, pharmacies can replace the drug with another drug if it is not in stock or available according to article 1 paragraph 3.”

If the drug dispensed on the basis of a prescription is not available in the pharmacy, the pharmacies can provide the insured person with a drug with the same active ingredient that is in stock at the pharmacy. If there is no medicine with the same active ingredient in the pharmacy and there is no medicine to dispense, a medicine with the same active ingredient may be dispensed. If the selected drugs are combined pharmacologically and therapeutically, the alternative can be distributed after consultation with the doctor.

The prescription must be printed with the relevant special PZN 02567024 and the appropriate factor 5 or factor 6. If ibuprofen or paracetamol is not available, the pharmacy should print factor 6. As always, add a short note and don’t forget to sign and date it.

From November 25, these emergency rules will end. If the prescription is not renewed, the pharmacist should consult the doctor and ask for a new prescription.

What are the alternatives?

Both paracetamol and ibuprofen are available as suppositories. Paracetamol is available in strengths of 75mg, 125mg, 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg. The right preparation can be chosen according to the body weight. Suppositories with 75 mg per divided unit can be given from a weight of 3 kg. Ibuprofen suppositories are available in doses of 60 mg and 125 mg. The lower dosage version can be given from 6 kg of body weight. Ibuprofen is also available as a 200 mg orodispersible tablet. This can be given to children of 20 kg body weight, that is, from the age of about six years.

By the way: Although the recipe is a great alternative, the recipe is not retax-proof. Unless there are general guidelines on how and if pharmacies can replace a finished drug with a prescription based on a FAM prescription, pharmacies must request a new drug from the doctor.

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