Edeka takes its brand off the shelves: dispute with Eckes-Granini

The dispute between Eckes-Granini and Edeka continues. The company won in court that the supermarket giant is no longer allowed to sell some of the juice – because of its packaging.

At Edeka and Netto, the drinking water shelves are a little emptier than before: As of this week, Albi’s own-brand juices have disappeared. “Lebensmittel Zeitung” reports, Edeka has stopped its dealers from offering the product.

This is due to the court decision. Accordingly, Edeka is no longer allowed to sell milk because the new bottle design is too similar to that of Granini water. Eckes-Granini had taken an injunction against Edeka, which was again upheld by the Hamburg District Court last week.

Edeka said on t-online’s request: “Of course, we respect the court’s decision and do not stop selling our glasses.” “But that doesn’t mean we can’t vigorously investigate legal grounds to take further legal action if necessary.”

Albi and Granini water bottles are very similar

Albi and Granini water: the bottles look similar.
Albi and Granini water: the bottles look similar. (Source: Pius Koller/Imago Images, Albi/Edeka, iStockphoto/Getty Images, Montage: t-online)

Previously, Albi juices were only available in Tetra Paks. Since late last year, some varieties have been available in bulbous one-liter bottles or have suddenly become available. The belly is formed and the label is attached to the short, wide neck of the bottle. Everything as fruit from the competitor Eckes-Granini – so he complained.

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