Edeka replaces its brand of granini water

In September, the waters of Granini disappeared from the Edeka range. Now the supermarket has found a replacement – which, with its new design, is unlikely to appeal to the manufacturer of Granini.

First, the supermarket chain Edeka is discontinuing Eckes-Granini juices. Now it also offers Albi juice in a package very similar to that of Granini juice. They come in a 1 liter PET bottle with a label on the neck and a colored cap.

The background that Granini was thrown in September of this year is a price increase. Eckes-Granini raised prices due to more expensive raw materials and higher costs for more sustainable packaging. However, Edeka does not want to order milk at the new prices, and there is no deal in sight.

Albi water: Now sold in PET bottles and not only in Tetra-Paks.
Albi water: Now sold in PET bottles and not only in Tetra-Paks. (Source: Albi / Edeka)

Edeka has done something similar before

Instead, the supermarket giant is now apparently using a product from its own company. Albi has been a part of the Edeka Group for about four years. As reported by “Lebensmittel Zeitung”, the milks are now presented in a similar way to those from Granini and sold at the same price. Consumers can almost confuse Albi’s bottle with Granini’s. At Netto Marken-Discount, which belongs to the Edeka network, Albi water is offered for 99 cents this week.

According to the “Lebensmittel Zeitung”, Edeka has acted in the same way in the past: When the supermarket giant had a price dispute with ketchup producer Heinz in 2019, ketchup was also banned from the range. Even then, a private label, Papa Joe’s, suddenly appeared on the shelves. Heinz is now represented there again, but Papa Joe’s also has many customers.

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