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The water producer Eckes-Granini from Nieder-Olm was initially right in the legal dispute before the Hamburg district court against Edeka. It was about the appearance of drinking water bottles.

Edeka was still selling Eckes-Granini fruit juice until a few months ago. In subsequent contract negotiations, the two sides were no longer able to agree on a price. Result: Edeka removed Eckes Granini products from its shelves and replaced it with its own brand.

Similar fruit juice bottles

However, their bottles are very similar to those of Eckes-Granini – the company Nieder-Olm found them too similar and therefore took a decision against the supermarket chain. On the other hand, Edeka filed a lawsuit.

Food: Typical features taken from Eckes-Granini

However, the district court of Hamburg has now agreed with Eckes-Granini and decided: Edeka may not continue to sell the water bottles in question. According to the court, the bottle used by Edeka retains the typical design features that make up the original Eckes product. Edeka now has the opportunity to appeal against the decision of the Hamburg district court.

Prices are always negotiable

Previously, the supermarket chain did not accept the prices that had already been increased at Eckes-Granini. Therefore, milk was not sold in Edeka for a long time.

Eckes-Granini headquarters in Nieder-Olm (Image: dpa Bildfunk, photo credit / Eckes-Granini/dpa | Eckes-Granini)

The headquarters of the beverage manufacturer Eckes-Granini in Nieder-Olm.

dpa photo radio

Photo credit / Eckes-Granini/dpa | Eckes Granini

In the present case, Eckes-Granini, among other things, justified the increase in the price of raw materials. For example, orange juice concentrate has become much more expensive. The material the bottles are made from – either recycled PET or glass – will also cost more to produce. Therefore, it is necessary to sell fruit juice at a higher price.

On the other hand, in Edeka, there was clearly a different opinion. According to Lebensmittelzeitung, Eckes-Granini only wants to maximize its profits. Food producers are constantly negotiating prices. They determine how much money they want to sell their goods and products in the future.

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