Detox water treatment: Drinking water diets for a healthy cleanse

Do you want to do something good for your body and do a detox water treatment? No problem, because GALA will tell you how best to proceed and what needs to be considered.

Sugar, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes – our bodies are regularly exposed to various pollutants. In the long run, such foods are not particularly useful for the body. The bowels are particularly affected by the substances mentioned. Among other things, there are detox water treatments so that she can really relax and cleanse. As the name suggests, it is about detoxing the body in general, i.e. detoxifying it. The process has yet to be scientifically proven, but water purification now has followers reporting positive effects. In order for the detox to be successful for you too, there are a few things to follow before and after the milk cleanse.

How does drinking water purification actually work?

For many women and men, drinking water is not the only good approach to support the body in detoxificationalso on losing a few pounds, as some users report. So a juice cleanse is a good way to lose a few pounds quickly, but it has no long-term effect. This is partly due to the wrong diet. How can drinking water purification help? Vitamins and antioxidants in fruit juice ease the stomach, which means that it can better cleanse the substances contained in the juice. This not only stimulates cell regeneration, but also fat metabolism. Therefore, edible oils can be used in an optimal way.

In addition to removing harmful substances, it is important when purifying drinking water drinking enough fluids. That is, it is limited herbal teas sugar free and filling water. Two liters a day should also be consumed so that fasting does not have a negative effect. However, this also applies to the times when you are not purifying the drinking water.

Preparation for drinking water purification

If you have decided to go for water purification, you have already taken the first step. But what’s next? It is especially important that you prepare well for the detox diet treatment. Your head knows you’re going for a water cleanse, but the rest of your organs haven’t heard about it yet. So hold on At least three days before the start of the fast, a break from the harmful substances mentioned above. Instead, you build from there foods that are easily digestedsuch as rice, beans, fruits, nuts and vegetables. Also ideal vegetable soups such as carrot soup or kumbu. If you want more variety, then a soup made from several types of vegetables is also a good choice!

However, you should not only avoid sugar, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes during this preparation. Because the stomach and intestines are no longer burdened and they can slowly adapt to the next medicine. Animal products and artificial additives are also taboo. The body already has enough to process during the juice cleanse, so it doesn’t need withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and circulatory problems at the same time – which is also not helpful for detoxification. These are mainly caused by withdrawal of sugar, alcohol, coffee and cigarettes.

The pain of election

Do it yourself or buy it? One question you need to ask yourself when you decide to go on a juice cleanse diet. One’s benefit prepackaged medicine from one of the many providers is sure to save every mess and effort in the kitchen, as well as the space. A juicer can take up a lot of space.

Next to Frank Juice, LiveFresh, Berioo and Kale And Me of course there are other providers who already prepare a juice cleanse for us. With its recommendation for a three-day treatment, Pressbar provides 18 bottles of 250 milliliters. Why only three days? Beginners should not expect too much from themselves and their body and should first test how they cope with the detox diet.. However, if you already had experience with milk medicine fasting, you can increase the medicine individually up to 14 days. It’s yours in three days There are six bottles a day. And you should drink these too to avoid cravings. It is recommended to drink a glass every two hours.

On the other hand, LiveFresh, in addition to the 21×250 ml water bottles for a three-day detox diet, also offers other bottles that help you maintain your health during fasting.

Do your own detox water cleanse

If you prefer homemade products so that you know exactly about the ingredients, then juicer the best choice for you.

There are now easy-to-clean detergents that can even be partially washed in the dishwasher. In addition to the equipment to prepare the fast food, you also need food. Among these are Fruits, vegetables, nuts and milk or milk substitute. It is especially popular during water purification Green water, where juice is made from green foods. The skill Spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, basil, kiwi or even green apples be – the main thing is green. If you decide to purify yourself, recipe books that deal mainly with the topic of drinking water purification are the ideal purchase for you. Often there are not only useful ones Recipes for juices in such books, but also general tips on food later.

You can also go on a water cleanse to provide extra energy to the body, for example for an exercise such as yoga or Pilates. bullets To fall back. Not alcoholic, of course, though healthy superfruit balls with ingredients such as ginger, turmeric or guaranaall are good for the immune system and contribute to detoxification.

Sports talk: You should avoid strength and endurance training during detox, as you will not have the strength to do so. Such a basic dietary change, like a juice cleanse, puts enough stress on your body to cope with. Let your body cleanse itself before you feel strong enough to exercise.

That’s what you should think about later

Not only is preparation important, but so is follow-through. After you finish the juice cleanse, many people turn to fast food. But it’s not just a bad idea because of the pounds you’ve just lost. Your bowels are cleansed and detoxified after treatment. That’s why heavy and above all fatty foods such as fast food are pure poison for your intestines. – and he will thank you accordingly. To prevent this, after treatment continue as before. That’s what it means the following cancellation:

  • Animal products
  • yes
  • Artificial additives
  • alcohol
  • coffee
  • smoking

Instead, you should eat soup and salad. In general, detoxing with a juice cleanse is not about losing three pounds quickly. If you decide to go for water purification, you should go for one Change your diet to decide. An example of this would be Basic food. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs increase your metabolism, which means your digestion. Nutrients, minerals and fibers present in food are responsible for this.

What is your body telling you?

The purpose of such a change in diet is to balance your acidity. Whether we eat baked goods, ready meals or fast food, we absorb many additives into our body, which can cause irritating our body gives way Proteins and fats in particular are responsible for the fact that we always want to detoxify and cleanse our bodies. However, if you start changing your diet immediately after a juice cleanse, it will have a long-term effect on your body and well-being. You feel more vital, lighter, more alert and generally happier.

The alkaline diet recommends completely avoiding animal products, including milk, yogurt, cheese and eggs. To this day, there are different opinions about what is best for the human body. Our advice: Listen to your body. How do you feel after eating a certain food? Is your stomach rumbling? Do you get blemishes? Do you usually feel unwell? Then your body rebels against the food. Know yourself and your body to find the right diet for you and detox regularly in a healthy way.

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