dessert for lunch? This tiramisu is a great way to start the day

A proper breakfast puts you in a good mood and gives you energy for the day.

So the typical foods for this first meal are usually delicious, like bread and eggs, but classics like muesli with fruit also give us strength for the next hours.

But if you want to have a sweet breakfast for several days, you should try a special type of tiramisu.

The supposed dessert is much healthier and filling than it first appears.

Superfoods are combined with a feel-good factor

Influencer Lena shared her version of a comfort breakfast on Instagram.

The food is not only vegan, but also packed with superfoods such as chia seeds, protein sources such as oat milk and vitamin-rich microbeans.

Your breakfast tiramisu comes without lady fingers and mascarpone.

Be it instead the following ingredients mixed up:

  • a glass of oatmeal
  • a spoonful of chia seeds
  • three tablespoons of almond protein powder
  • a small cup of espresso
  • a bowl of oat milk
  • some vanilla and bitter almond flavor

Let this mixture simmer for a while. You can then replace the chia seed mixture with vegan vanilla or plain yogurt in a glass or tall bowl.

The washed jam jars look great here too!

Dusted with a thin layer of cocoa, your breakfast will soon resemble the Italian dessert classic in a complex way.

To save time in the morning, you can prepare the tiramisu the day before. Then just leave it in the fridge overnight.

Fruits add variety to your breakfast dessert

Depending on your desire and taste, of course you can change the tiramisu.

For example, almond protein powder can be replaced with chopped almonds or another two to three tablespoons of rolled oats.

You can also adjust the flavor of the yogurt layer as you like. How about strawberry or blueberry yogurt?

Fresh fruits on cocoa add an extra portion of freshness to the breakfast table.

There are no limits to your imagination – have fun experimenting with it!

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