Creamy strawberry hair

Whether for breakfast, as a snack or for dessert – strawberries are “everyone’s favorite”. In strawberry season, I can eat red fruits all the time.

Creamy strawberry pie is not only vegan and easy to prepare – it’s also rich in vitamins, plant proteins, fiber, zinc, iron, magnesium and biotin.

This makes the cake especially creamy

The secret trick to creamy hair is to add moisture to the lashes along with the right curls and the right temperature. For the hair, it is important to use as much olive oil as possible.

Also recommended: Slowly heat the liquid together while stirring constantly – almost like a risotto.

Chia seeds also swell well and provide great consistency.

If you eat gluten free, you can of course use gluten free oats – the taste remains the same.

I also added some sprinkles on top of the strawberry hair while baking. With the coconut milk, it created a super delicious aroma and reminded me of my last summer vacation.

Recipe for strawberry porridge

all you need is 15 minutes more, fresh strawberries, roasted peppers, your favorite milk alternative, coconut milk, maple syrup and chia seeds. The result: delicious, healthy and vegan oyster love.

Strawberries are not your first choice or are they out of season? You can also mix cream pie with blueberries or blackberries. If you are using frozen fruit, it is recommended that you start with the fruit.

Recipe: Creamy strawberry dish

Strawberry pie with almonds and mint

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