Celery Smoothie or Celery Smoothie?

Celery Smoothie or Celery Smoothie?

So-called super foods have been very trendy for a few years now. The marketing concept was developed to describe foods characterized by exceptional properties. They should have positive effects on physical and mental well-being and therefore should be regularly integrated into the diet.

While tropical fruits and international foods such as quinoa or chia seeds can be found on the list of superfoods, local products are also included in this group. In addition to almonds and kale, especially celery is said to have a strong effect on physical well-being. In the fitness and health industry, the plant is referred to as a miracle drug and is said to be responsible for countless effects.

In the following article we will explain how celery works and the difference between milk and liquid. Then you can get inspired by delicious recipes.

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Why celery?

There is no vegetable that is more versatile and healthy than celery. It comes originally from the Mediterranean region and can be divided into two subspecies: celery and celery. In the local kitchen, the plant is usually made into soup. It gives perfume a delicious aroma and is said to have a particularly supportive effect on colds and flu. This is due to the countless minerals and vitamins in celery:

If you look at this long list of health benefits, it becomes clear why celery juice is so important enjoy increasing popularity.

Difference between drinking water and liquid

Both juices and liquids are very popular. They have been in the forefront of people’s minds for centuries, but in recent years they are increasingly coming to the public eye. But what is the difference between the two drinks? In fact, smoothies and juices often use the same ingredients: fruits, vegetables, syrups and herbs. However, smoothies continue with liquids such as water, milk (of vegetable or animal origin), coconut water, or yogurt. Therefore, smoothies and juices also have a different consistency.

Great juice recipes

Because celery considered to be a real booster of physical and mental health, over time more and more recipes have been created that aim to make the consumption of the plant as varied and delicious as possible.

Pure celery juice

Contrary to all expectations, celery juice has a surprisingly mild taste and can be drunk regularly. With the help of oyster juice, milk is extracted from the green stem of the perennial plant. Celery juice should be enjoyed immediately, but can be refrigerated for several hours.

Celery Juice with Cucumber and Lemon

Those who want to add some flavor to the celery juice can ask for the help of cucumbers and lemons. The combination may seem a bit strange at first, but it’s surprisingly cool. After washing the ingredients, fruits and vegetables should be crushed. Then they can be thrown into the juicer. The result is a new vitamin bomb that will help you become more clear and alert.

Celery juice with mint, apple, lemon and ginger

Another variation is mixing celery juice with mint, apple, lemon and ginger. The sweetness of the fruit combines with the acidity of the lemon and the spiciness of the ginger and mint to create a unique combination that leaves you wanting more.

Celery Juice with Kale and Apples

A must try combination is celery, kale and apple. The ingredients combine wonderfully and move on the tongue to create a true explosion of flavor.

Celery juice with pineapple, apple, parsley and lemon

A special pet can be given celery juice with pineapple. The exotic fruit gives the juice a sweet and sour taste at the same time. This is further refined by adding apple, parsley and lemon.

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