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– Celery juice is called a miracle medicine by its admirers. But what are the real benefits of celery juice and how do you make your own juice?

Celery is not only a healthy plant, but also a very versatile plant. Whether in a green liquid or cold water, celery is more valuable than ever. Why celery juice in particular is considered very healthy by its fans and how you can Make your own celery juice?

What is celery juice?

When celery juice is mentioned, it is usually celery and not celery. Colloquially, celery is also known as celery. A glass of celery juice (300 milliliters) consists of about ten celery sticks, which are built. The fibers are filtered through the water filter and the liquid remains – you can now drink celery juice.

Where does the celery juice trend come from?

The trend of drinking celery juice originated in the United States and can be attributed to the authors Anthony William came back. It is known in the United States as “medicine medium” and he has many followers – his books are bestsellers. He claims to get his medical knowledge from a soul, his theses are not scientifically proven. In 2019 he published a book about the positive effects of celery juice on many different diseases published Juice helps with diabetes, hair loss, irritable bowel syndrome and Lyme disease, reduces sleep disorders and increases energy levels. However, there is no research on the effects of celery juice on humans. In any case, celery can contribute to a healthy diet, because the vegetable contains various vitamins.

What does celery juice taste like?

The taste of superfoods takes some getting used to for most people. Celery juice is slightly salty and bitter. It is difficult to describe the taste. However, celery juice is much milder than most people expect.

Celery juice: what is the effect of drinking the trend?

A glass of celery juice (300 milliliters) contains around ten celery stalks. Even true celery fans won’t eat that much celery at once, so it’s much easier to absorb the nutrients as a juice. However, celery fruits are low in juice, which provides a feeling of satiety and aids digestion as a laxative. In addition, the lack of chewing ensures that there is almost no satiety effect.

There are different types of celery vitamins and mineralssuch as:
– Magnesium
– Potassium
– Sodium
– Calcium
– Antioxidants
– iron
– Vitamin A, C, K
– Vitamin D
– Vitamin B1, B2, B6

When celery juice is extracted from raw, unprocessed celery, almost all of the healthy ingredients are preserved.

After a few days with a glass of celery juice in the morning, you feel more cheerful and less likely to crave unhealthy foods, writes the “Health Center”. Also, yes ability to concentrate. Of course, these feelings are very subjective. The blog also acknowledges that larger effects can also come from the fact that some people previously ate fewer fruits and vegetables overall and didn’t pay as much attention to their health.

Why is celery juice so healthy?

Vitamin K strengthens bones, vitamin C has an anti-inflammatory effect, vitamin A is good for the eyes and various B vitamins are important for energy metabolism. It also contains iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. In particular, the combination of magnesium and potassium contributes to the fact that celery juice can also lower blood pressure, as both minerals relax blood vessels equally. However, there is little research data on this (see below).

It is said that cranberry juice has many positive effects:

· Detoxifying action
Blood purification and antihypertensive effect
· Promoting gastrointestinal health and alleviating chronic diseases
· Suppression of excess production of stomach acid
· Anti-inflammatory effect
· Strengthening the heart and bones
· Color correction
· Strengthening the defense system
· Activation of metabolism
· Diuretic effects

However, this effect is largely unproven in humans. In 2014, there was a pilot study with 30 participants using celery extract to lower blood pressure. This pilot study suggested that the extract may help with high blood pressure, but there is no more extensive trial data. Some of the aforementioned effects of celery have only been found in animal studies. For example, in 2010, there was a study on mice that showed the positive effect of celery extract on the gastric mucosa. Another 2019 study in rats found that celery has a positive effect on arthritis.

Being 97 percent water, celery eaten whole is also suitable for weight loss. There are only 18 calories in 100 grams of celery. The fiber present in celery fills the stomach and creates a feeling of satiety. However, this applies only to a small extent to drinking water, because the fiber and the grinding process are missing here.

How often should you drink celery juice?

If you want to test whether celery juice is good for your body, you should start with a small amount of around 50 milliliters per day. If you can tolerate this amount without any problem, you can increase the amount.

Celery Juice: What Are the Side Effects?

Drinking celery juice can also cause unpleasant side effects. According to Anthony Williams, drinking water can have side effects such as Dizziness, headache, feeling sick to your stomach, or nausea small Therefore, you should start with a small amount to get your body used to it.

Because celery juice hypotensive and dehydrating it should work People with low blood pressure or kidney disease Avoid drinking (too much) celery juice.

Some people react allergic to celery and should avoid drinking water. Even people with one Cross-allergy to birch, pollen, bees or hazel may be allergic to raw water and develop symptoms such as itching or swelling of the mouth, gastrointestinal problems or skin reactions.

The amount of vitamin K found in celery juice may be problematic for some people. They were taking anticoagulant medicatione, the package insert usually recommends that you limit your intake of vitamin K because the body uses it for blood clotting. The Institute of Nutritional Medicine at the Technical University of Munich recommends avoiding vitamin preparations containing vitamin K or discussing their intake with a doctor. It is also recommended that you drink plenty of vitamin K with freshly boiled water.

Celery Juice and Thyroid

In another book, Anthony Williams states that he recommends celery juice as an adjunct treatment for thyroid disease because of the many nutrients it contains. This has not been scientifically proven either. There is only one case study in the scientific literature of a patient who took celery extract daily to lose weight and was admitted to a clinic after two and a half months with an overactive thyroid gland. In an expert article, treating doctors wrote that hyperfunction can be a side effect of taking celery extract.

How can you make your own celery juice?

According to Anthony Williams, celery juice is most effective in its pure form early in the morning. Then the healthy elements can be better absorbed by the body. Anyone buying celery should choose organic quality, as traditional celery is often treated with pesticides.

Pure celery juice

The best way to make celery juice is to use juice from the fruit. About 600 grams of celery are needed for 350 milliliters of celery juice.

1) Wash the celery and thinly cut the stems

2) Slice the wood into five-centimeter-thick slices

3) Dip the celery pieces in the pepper juice

4) The milk is ready

Preparation in slow fruit juicecomplaint also offers benefits. Green vegetables are pressed with a lot of power and several revolutions, so more nutrients should be taken.

Prepare celery juice without draining

If you don’t have drinking water in your house, you still have to do without drinking the trend. Even stand mixercomplaint you can prepare nutrient-rich celery juice.

1) Wash 600 grams of celery stalks and cut them into three centimeters.

2) Put the ingredients in a blender (without water).

3) Turn on the blender until it becomes a puree

4) Put the mass in a cloth and squeeze out the liquid

5) enjoy the water

Alternatively, you can drink celery juicecomplaint Of course, you can also buy them at the supermarket or online. However, fresh tap water contains more vitamins than store-bought pasteurized juices.

If you don’t want to drink pure celery juice (yet), you can add other types of fruits or vegetables. The following two recipes are particularly delicious.

Recipe 1: Celery Juice with Lemon and Cucumber

For the recipe you will need:

– 300 grams of celery
– a cucumber
– 30 grams of lemon with garlic

The ends of the celery stalks are cut off and the vegetables are washed well. Then the celery and cucumber are cut into four to six centimeters and placed in a slow cooker with all the other ingredients. Now you can enjoy it.

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Recipe 2: Celery Juice with Apple, Mint, Lemon & Ginger

For the second recipe you will need:

– 300 grams of celery
– 150 grams of apple (a medium apple)
– 20 grams of lemon with oil
– 10 grams of mint (a large stick)
– 5 grams of ginger

After all the ingredients are well washed, cut both the celery and the apple into four to six inch pieces. All the ingredients are thrown into the slow cooker and when no more liquid comes out of the juice outlet, the homemade juice is ready.

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