Celery juice: effects and how to make it

Celery juice is a famous “miracle drug” in the fitness world. But does milk work or is it just a myth? Here you can learn everything you need to know about the effects of celery juice. We also show you how to prepare it.

Celery is a versatile and healthy vegetable. There is celery and celery. For celery juice, use celery trees, also known as celery trees, and they are in season from May to November. So you can buy it in the region almost all year round. If you then also about it organic seal Make sure you did everything right when purchasing.

The Effect of Kernel Water

Celery juice is extracted from celery.
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Celery is originally from the Mediterranean region. Celery juice is extracted from celery. Due to its healthy ingredients, celery is suitable for a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, 100 grams of celery has only 18 calories.

Among other things, celery contains a lot minerals and vitamins. He is rich:

Since celery juice is obtained from raw, unprocessed celery, healthy ingredients are preserved. The body can absorb them almost completely through drinking water.

Why is celery juice healthy?

For celery juice, the whole plant is harvested including the leaves.
For celery juice, the whole plant is harvested including the leaves.
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Eat celery rawIt has the following advantages:

  • Being low in calories and fat, celery juice can help you lose weight. Fiber also feeds your stomach and your soul cravings hold
  • Due to the essential oils (terpenes), celery is said to have an antibacterial effect.
  • Contains oil and its contents bitter substances it is also supposed to support digestion, calm the stomach and relieve minor stomach pains.
  • In addition, celery has a modest effect. As a result, consuming celery juice can help the body get rid of unwanted fluid buildup.

Important: Not everyone can tolerate celery juice. You should seek medical advice first, especially if you have kidney disease or are pregnant.

Celery juice: Preparation

Celery juice contains many healthy ingredients.
Celery juice contains many healthy ingredients.
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You can easily make celery juice yourself at home. In addition to the ingredients you need:

  • blender / blender / juicer
  • cloth and a cloth filter or nut milk bag (to remove solids after cleaning if there is no drinking water)

If you want, you can puree pure celery juice with seasonal vegetables or other fruits. Just try what you like best. Have a great time with celery juice:

If you don’t drink it right away, you can refrigerate it in a sealed container for up to 24 hours.

Healthy Celery Juice

  • Preparation: about 15 minutes
  • How many: 0.35 liters