Breakfast recipes from star chefs: unusual, simple, fast

Breakfast is a neglected meal, especially on weekdays. We grab a banana on the way or grab a quick bite into a bowl of cereal before heading to work. And when we’re feeling like something really fancy, we make ourselves some avocado toast.

But the amount of time we’ve spent at home over the past few months has meant that breakfast has become an increasingly important topic for many people – and not just on weekends. And after a few weeks, the same bowl of muesli gets boring.

So we asked Michelin star chefs from around the world what they like to cook for breakfast. With the help of her tips, you can ensure that your first meal of the day is as delicious as the rest that follow. From lemon ricotta pancakes to a Spanish tortilla, these dishes are sure to make you happy in the morning — and keep you full.

Eight original but easy breakfast recipes

Kevin Meehan/Instagram

chocolate waffles

Aleksey Potov/Shutterstock

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

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Ryan Ratino

A classic French omelette




Spanish tortilla


tomato eggs


Fried egg sandwich

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