Apple juice is best as straight water

Stiftung Warentest tested a total of 26 apple juices. Of these, only six did well – all natural apple juice. The water made from the concentrate achieved the “satisfactory” rating at best. The test winners also include cheap apple juice: Solevita premium non-concentrate apple juice from Lidl at €0.99 per litre, apple juice from Wesergold at €0.96 and apple juice from Edeka at €0.99. The taste of all three oysters was convincing, and the chemical quality was good.

Organic apple juice passes the taste test

However, the winning flavor in the test was Van Nahmen’s organic apple juice from meadow orchards. However, at just over €4 per liter it was the most expensive water in the test. A few well-known brands such as Becker’s Bester, Rabenhorst, Amecke, Hohes C, Granini and Albi were disappointed with only average results.

The loser of the test was the natural Demeter apple juice cloud from Alnatura at €1.49. In terms of taste, it did not pass an adequate standard, and the chemical quality was poor. Analysis found evidence of microbial contamination, indicating poor quality apples or poor processing.

Only one part is made from local apples

According to suppliers, some of the apples for the juice production come from Germany, which are often mixed with fruit from other EU countries such as Poland or Italy. Aldi Nord, dm and Voelkel use only local apples for their non-concentrate organic juices.

Mix with water

Apple juice, especially the natural cloud, provides many good ingredients, such as secondary vegetable matter. However, apple juice should not be consumed in large quantities. The reason for this is the high sugar content, which is equal to 10% of cola. The sweetness comes only from the apples, no extraneous sugar is allowed in the apple juice. However, as a spritzer, thirst quencher is fine. A mixture of one part water and three parts water is ideal.

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The body needs carbohydrates, but preferably in complex form. On the other hand, sugar should be avoided. Because too much can make you sick.

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