5 Day Water Cleanse – What Can A 5 Day Juice Cleanse Do?

There are probably few health trends that have received as much attention in recent years as the juice fast. The so-called Juice Cleanse promises a relaxed awakening and plenty of energy for a busy day. You can find a variety of cold drinks online and in local stores. As a rule, there are instructions that explain how to clean drinking water within three or seven days, for example. According to various manufacturers, such concentrated vitamin bombs can cleanse the body of harmful substances and cleanse the intestines in a short time.

The question arises, what exactly is the purpose of drinking water purification? Does the classic 5-day juice cleanse help you lose weight? In this article, we explain what water purification is and what you should know about such water purification.

What is behind drinking water purification?

The principle behind water purification is simple. During a juice cleanse, you avoid solid food for a certain period of time. During this time, people rely on cold fruit and vegetable juices, water and unsweetened tea. This may seem monotonous and boring at first glance, but with the right recipes you can add a lot of variety to a 5-day water cleanse.

Thus modern fasting remedies usually last between a day and a week. During this period, between five and seven juices are consumed every day, which can be supplemented with small shots. Such a water cleanse is supposed to relax the entire body and thus provide better health and overall more energy. Such a remedy for drinking water can be used four times a year and thus benefit from positive effects.

In this context it is important to note that a modern water treatment is something different from a medical fasting treatment that is used under medical aspects.

What are the benefits of water purification?

The myth that modern water purification can also be used for detoxification persists. This means that existing impurities can be removed from the body. However, at this point, one should know that such an effect cannot be proven with a 5-day water treatment. Although it is not definitive, because the human body itself has the appropriate organs for effective detoxification. The kidneys and liver regularly filter the blood and ensure the elimination of toxins that have been detected. On the other hand, the intestine can absorb nutrients that are important for the body.

Based on these facts, one can turn to the question of the point of milk fasting. However, in many cases, it is not known that one’s diet can cause frustration, fatigue and also digestive problems. For example, not eating solid food for a period of five days can be a welcome break for the digestive system. In the classic 5-day water treatment, different types of cold water are used. These are easily digested and still provide the body with important minerals and vitamins. Junk foods, which usually contain a lot of sugar and fat, should not be consumed during a water cleanse.

Is Weight Loss Possible with a Juice Cleanse?

A balanced water cleanse is not designed to lose as much weight as possible in a short period of time. However, the 5-day juice cleanse ensures that you lose some body weight during the juice diet period. This is mainly because during the modern water cleanse you only drink liquids and the number of calories these days is very low compared to a normal diet.

Among other things, this leads to weight loss, which leads to weight loss. But if you go back to solid food after a refreshing water cleanse, you’ll quickly regain that water weight.

But even if such a water cleanse is not aimed at losing weight, a 5-day water cleanse can be a starting point for a general change in diet. Because after such a water cleanse, many people want to eat very healthy and balanced meals in the long run. After the juice cleanse, it is especially important to start the day with a healthy breakfast that is as nutritious as possible. For example, you can use healthy muesli, or alternatively combine your own bowls made from oats, fruit and various grains. Such a breakfast provides fiber, which is very important after waking up and provides a lot of energy for a busy day.

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