3 inexpensive detox foods for everyday life

body detox

Detox foods to make at home

Detox treatment is not only a detoxification for the body but also for the mind. The result is vitality, energy and a new inner balance. And a detox doesn’t have to be a bit expensive if you use simple products from the kitchen.


Detox remains a buzzword and can be found on teas, liquids and nutritional supplements.

Detox is still on everyone’s lips and is one of the hottest diet trends. However, many things can be hidden behind it – some people rely on water purification, others on trendy seeds à la chia – others try a fasting remedy with a doctor.

As much as the options are different, there are some foods that are very good for helping the body in detoxification – if it is healthy and strong, it can do this very well without the occasional expensive juices and the like. Here are three classics that can easily be. included in your diet.

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