Don’t throw away: Recipes for leftover fruits and vegetables

When washing water, residues of fruits and vegetables remain in the water. These scraps are too good to end up in the trash! In this article you will find recipes and recommendations for using pomace.

Pomace refers to the solid residue of fruit, vegetables or other plant material that remains after drinking water. Vice versa smoothie You don’t peel all the fruits and vegetables here. Instead, the high-fiber pulp remains as pomace.

For example, pomace is created when you juice fruits and vegetables. But if you do it yourself coconut milk product, residues remain in the coconut milk sac – called coconut poma.

It would be a shame and ecologically unacceptable if you throw these nutrient wastes in the garbage. In this article we will show you a variety of recipes for preparing delicious food from pomach.

Recipe for chocolate cake with pomace

This chocolate cake is a great way to use pomace.
This chocolate cake is a great way to use pomace.
(Photo: Maria Hohenthal/Utopia)

For this chocolate cake recipe, use a 10-11 inch pan or a 12 inch loaf pan. Before you start preparing the dough, you should grease the baking pan with oil. Dust the greased areas with some flour. This is important in preparation so that the chocolate cake can be easily removed from the mold when it is ready.

Chocolate cake with pomace

  • Preparation: about 15 minutes
  • Cooking/cooking time: about 45 minutes
  • How many: 16 chapters